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GR Business has ground-breaking ceremony



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The business park on Commerce Drive will finally reach its potential with the help of Desert View Eye Care.

Desert View Eye Care had its ground breaking ceremony July 1 for a new and improved office.

Mayor Pete Rust shared some of the business park’s history at the ceremony. He said that in the late 1990s to early 2000s, an incoming call center called Sento Corporation was in the works but the plans dried up with the wave of technology. A second grocery store was also planned, but it fell through. After years of the park being dormant, they used some of it for housing. Now Desert View may attract more businesses to the area and it has the potential to positively affect Green River’s economy.

“They’re going to be the magnet to the business park and help it become what it was meant to be,” Rust said.

Dr. Jeff Wilson started Desert View in 2006 and the business has been growing for nine years. They simply need more space to better serve the patients. There has been a need for a bigger, nicer space for the last couple of years. “Somedays it gets very busy and cramped,” Wilson said. They need more space for parking, checkup rooms and room for equipment.

Desert View purchased the land from the city last year and since then have been planning and designing. “It’s been a year in the making,” Wilson said.

Wilson is excited for the project and has been extremely active in the planning of it. “Jeff is diligent about this design,” co-owner of New Peak Construction Company Jared Killpack said.

New Peak Construction Company, owned by Green River natives Jared and Joe Killpack, are heading the project.

They founded New Peak in Laramie in 2008.

Since then, Joe moved back to Green River to open an office here. “We’re excited about this project and about Green River,” Joe said, “It’s a great place to be.”

“This is a local project all the way around and I’m very pleased,” Rust said.

The new building will be 6,000 square feet and will be a state of the art medical facility. It will be built to stay in quality condition for 30 to 50 or more years. The office will have a modern building design.

“It will be cosmetically nice and will be a nice facility for the community to receive eye care,” said Wilson.

Wilson thinks the office will spark other business’s interests in the lot. “When the economy grows, it lifts the community up,” Wilson said.

The new office is expected to open early next spring if everything goes as planned. They plan to hold an open house for the community when it is completed.


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