Week of April 11, 2024

Providing mental health care in Green River

Hannah Romero, Editor

Efforts to bring more and better mental health resources to Green River have taken a step forward with the opening of a new location for High Point Counseling. A ribbon cutting ceremony for the new location at 541 E Flaming Gorge Way Suite E was hosted on Monday. The staff of High Point was joined by the Green River Chamber and Hole in the Wall Gang, City of Green River representatives, and friends and supporters. Everyone gathered to cut the ribbon, eat cupcakes, take part in giveaways, and...

  • Hunting bighorn sheep ewes to save the herd

    Christine Peterson, WyoFile

    Few hunting experiences are as rugged, challenging and elusive as stalking a bighorn sheep. Interested Wyoming residents typically wait decades, if not even a lifetime, before drawing a ram license in their home state. Sheep herds are relatively small, scattered and found in remote, challenging terrain compared to pronghorn, deer or even elk. And the opportunity is once in a lifetime. Draw a Wyoming bighorn sheep ram tag, and whether or not you fill it, you'll never get another. But ewes are a...

  • Pay attention to who you threaten

    Hannah Romero, Editor

    I was startled when I started going through my email on Tuesday, and was getting ready to mark “receive death threats” off my journalism bingo card. I had to read the email a couple of times as I tried to understand it, and understand why I had received it. It said: “First of all you are morally and legally responsible for the action taken again [sic] innocent Earth life in your establishment. You will be closed in a year. I hope you and your family starve and get ripped apart by the...

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