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Our View: A lot to love here

What do residents love about Sweetwater County? Is it the fact people living in the county can escape civilization with a simple half-hour drive. Public lands not owned and fenced off can be accessed and enjoyed easily. We can camp, hike, ride an... Full story


So many bills, so little time

So many bills, so little time. Most veteran lawmakers would agree that the condensed 20-day budget sessions — like the one Wyoming’s 65th Legislature enters into this week — are much more demanding and stressful than the 40-day general...


Our view: Be safe on snowy roads

Winter driving in Wyoming isn’t fun. We’re not talking about the kind of driving where someone is on their way to their favorite ice fishing hole or a weekend trip of skiing or sledding. We’re referring to the everyday, Point A to Point B...


State has power in congress

Last week when news broke that Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney would remain in the House of Representatives instead of running for an open Senate seat, there was a clear winner: the people of Wyoming. In her statement announcing her decision to run...


It's time to modernize education in Wyo.

At this pivotal moment for both our state’s finances and education system, the Wyoming Legislature should go beyond just “recalibrating” the cost of our current education system and use this opportunity to modernize our education system....


Our view: Middle Baxter project is a worthy gamble

The Wyoming Public Services Commission is hosting a hearing today to receive public comment regarding Rocky Mountain Power’s plan to retire two of the four Jim Bridger Power Plant Units in the next decade. While it’s easy for us to focus on how...


Letter: Coal plant retirements are not completely negative

Dear Editor: I am writing to let the community know of an important meeting to be held in Rock Springs Jan. 29 with the Wyoming Public Service Commission. They are investigating PacifiCorp’s Integrated Resource Plan, the one that has forecast the s... Full story


CEO weighs in on Integrated Resource Plan

Rocky Mountain Power’s 2019 Integrated Resource Plan outlines how we plan to meet the electricity needs of our Wyoming customers safely, affordably and reliably over the next 20 years. As I visit with customers and community leaders around the... Full story


Our view: A reasonable fee is a hard target to hit

What is a reasonable fee? This is the question that’s at the heart of the ongoing complaints about the Sweetwater County Clerk’s decision to charge for access to a database of records maintained by a separate company. This is also a question... Full story


NEPA assault will weaken Wyo. people and places

In less than three years, President Donald Trump’s administration — aided and abetted by Wyoming’s congressional delegation and state leaders — has rolled back 58 environmental rules and regulations and has another 37 such changes on the... Full story


Our view: New store is a boost for the city's economy

Well, this is exciting, isn’t it? Green River will get a new store later this year as Bomgaars will establish a branch at the old Shopko building. This is an amazing development. When a store closes, it seems to take a long time before someone... Full story

 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    January 15, 2020

State's future might be in Arizona

This is a story about Wyoming’s near future, though it takes place in Arizona. Entering Page, Ariz., the plan was to ask one question of ten people, “With the closing of the coal-fired Navajo Generating Station (NGS), on Nov. 18, 2019, is the... Full story


Our view: Changes raise inconvenient questions

While a recent change in federal regulation has risen the age required to buy tobacco and electronic vaping products to 21, the change also raises some questions about when a person can make adult choices. The regulation change was heralded as a...


A new direction for a new year

Welcome to 2020! I realize I’m a bit late on that take, but when the first publication of the new year doesn’t come out until Jan. 8, sometimes things have to wait. I realize I could have written...


Shed the fear of cancer treatment

Mrs. B came into the emergency room one night, years ago, with some stress related issue. After taking her history, I began to suspect there was something else bothering her. As I was beginning her physical exam she blurted out, “I know there is a...


Concerns grow for Little Mountain area

Comprising over half a million acres in southwestern Wyoming’s Sweetwater County, the Greater Little Mountain Area is one of the West’s hidden gems and home to some of the most sensitive fish and wildlife habitat in the state. As an avid...

 By Mike Enzi    Opinion    December 24, 2019

A year of hard work pays off in Washington, D.C.

The story of our country is often told by the decades that define it. With the end of this decade so close at hand, it can often be tempting to imagine what the last ten years will be remembered for. Or for that matter, the last year alone. For me,...


Our View: 6th Penny options needed

A special purpose tax is a great tool for communities wanting to make improvements that all residents can benefit from. Road replacement, water and sewer upgrades, even construction of needed facilities can be accomplished through this tax, commonly...

 By Lu Sweet    Opinion    December 18, 2019

Walking through Western

I try to run to work ALMOST every day. I run in the hot weather and in the cold weather, the snow, the wind, the heat…I enjoy running although I don’t run all that fast. I would run every day but sometimes I need a car in the middle of the day,...

 By Lu Sweet    Opinion    December 18, 2019

Lifelong learning: Everyone should get a smiley face, gold star or celebration word

My sixth and final child is in kindergarten this year. My older three were in elementary school quite some time ago. I was in kindergarten in the dark ages. Many things have changed throughout the years but one thing I has not and I hope it never doe...


Ensuring no community is left behind

Access to the internet is critical for life in the 21st century, not just something that is simply nice to have. To ensure our rural communities have quality health care, college-level math classes...


Our View: Wildlife should be considered

If things continue as they’re going, we’re likely to see more solar development in Sweetwater County in the coming years. Along with the current Sweetwater Solar facility west of Green River, a second facility is being proposed in the same area....


A permanent answer to temporary problem

Years ago, a family brought a 25-year-old farmer into the emergency room with a gunshot hole over his heart and with no pulse or breathing for more than ten minutes. It was a self-inflicted wound and this young farmer would farm no more. The family...


Boomers should rethink death penalty issue

Make no mistake, the state of Wyoming is experiencing an epic crisis of magnificent proportion that must end. We hear it time and time again that our young people are leaving Wyoming in search of better jobs and careers. Certainly, this is true, but...


Our view: Leaders need to be proactive

No one would argue the fact that coal has been the lifeblood of Sweetwater County and Wyoming for much of the state’s history. Without coal, Rock Springs wouldn’t exist. The state as a whole would be much different without the economic benefits...


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