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 By Tom Gagnon    Opinion    August 11, 2022 

Letter to the Editor: Time is against cult leaders

Dear Editor, Charlie Manson and Donald Trump have several things in common. Both have initiated violent crimes that neither man was directly involved in, yet these crimes would not have happened except for their planning, brainwashing, and... Full story

 By Rose March    Opinion    August 4, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Questions for new Republicans

Dear Editor, Well… The Wyoming Primary is coming around again (like it does every 2 years).  We get to decide who is running for the Democrat and Republican tickets.  This is the most important election for the State of Wyoming, even though is a...


Letter to the Editor: Feeling blue in a red state

Dear Editor, I’ve been feeling blue. Today I did something that was hard for me. I changed my party affiliation. Now, I’ve lived in Wyoming my whole life. On my eighteenth birthday, I registered to vote. I registered as a Democrat. Being blue in...


Republicans should remain united

As the pandemic was in full swing during July 2020, Harper’s Magazine published “A Letter on Justice and Open Debate,” which argued that a growing intolerance was becoming a threat to free speech. Far from a conservative response to so-called...

 By Joe DeMarco    Opinion    July 28, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Veteran supports Liz Cheney

Dear Editor, To all the residents of Wyoming, You are very fortunate to have a Patriot representing you, not all states are that fortunate. Liz Cheney is your representative, she is a Patriot, you should feel honored having such a great lady as your...

 By Hannah Romero    Opinion    July 21, 2022

Keep going, Wyoming

While it’s great Wyoming is taking steps in the right direction to help with suicide prevention and offering mental health resources, it’s also clear our state still has a mental health crisis,...


Let freedom ring

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights,...


Pets should stay home as weather warms

We know many of our furry companions love a good car ride, but as summer temperatures rise they need to be left at home. Temperatures in Cody have been in the 80s and will likely stay in that range for much of the summer. This can be deadly for...

 By Hannah Romero    Opinion    July 7, 2022

'Stranger Things' is worth all the hype

Chances are you’ve at least heard of “Stranger Things,” even if you aren’t one of the fans of the popular Netflix series. I remember hearing that title everywhere before I even knew what it...

 By Hannah Romero    Opinion    June 30, 2022

'Unconventional' but excited to be editor

A few weeks shy of one year ago, I wrote a column on these pages introducing myself as the new Green River Star staff writer. In it I explained how journalism is in my blood, but I never expected to g... Full story

 By Mark Baker    Opinion    June 30, 2022

Letter: Lawmaker disagrees with cryptocurrency editorial

Dear Editor, In a piece written on May 26, the editorial board of the Green River Star asserted the “State should back away from crypto” as “none of this will benefit Wyoming in the long run.” I have to say, I couldn’t disagree more. Wyomin...


Letter: Resident opposes traveling circus for animal cruelty

Dear Editor, I was disappointed to learn that the C&M circus will be in Green River on July 1. Culpepper and Merriweather Circus, operated by Eugene “Trey” Key III and Key Equipment Inc, was cited by the United States Department of Agriculture... Full story

 By David Martin    Opinion    June 23, 2022

'Saying what we please when we please'

“What we want, and what we shall have, is the royal American privilege of living and dying in a country town, running a country newspaper, saying what we please when we please, how we please and to... Full story

 By Mark Gordon    Opinion    June 16, 2022

Energy crisis of tomorrow can be averted today

After 15 months of ignoring a court order, the Biden Administration recently announced the long-overdue resumption of federal oil and gas lease sales – at a greatly reduced scale. With the available acreage significantly cut back and royalty rates...


Our View: County offices shouldn't be partisan

Here’s a good question: how does political affiliation inform how a county assessor or county clerk performs their duties? We’re not sure they do as state statutes govern how they operate. Yet, throughout Wyoming many of the political races...


Letter: Greenhouse gases do not contribute to global warming

Dear Editor, The Green River Star editorial titled “Our View: Gordon is on the wrong side of climate debate” does not reflect an objective view of the scientific facts. Over 30,000 scientists (more than 9,000 of whom are PhDs, many working in...


Our View: Gordon is on the wrong side of climate debate

A letter Gov. Mark Gordon has signed with 16 other governors shows the state’s leadership is firmly ignoring the present when it comes to energy companies. Gordon’s office issued a press release regarding him joining a group of governors in a... Full story

 By David Martin    Opinion    June 2, 2022

The zen of playing Nintendo 'Pinball'

Sometimes, it’s the simple games that are the most enjoyable. Think about “Tetris” for a moment. The game is perhaps the perfect video game because of its simplicity and how only player’s...


Our View: State should back away from crypto

Given Sen. Cynthia Lummis’ mentioning Bitcoin during her ill-advised graduation address at the University of Wyoming a few weeks ago, it seems fitting to discuss how bad cryptocurrency is as a followup. Cryptocurrency isn’t what its backers claim...

 By David Martin    Opinion    May 26, 2022

Remembering when Rock Springs was branded 'Home of the Steel Ponies'

The reveal of Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism’s master tourism plan to the Green River City Council last week had me thinking about a tourism-based study the Rock Springs city government...


Our View: Lummis misread the room

A lot has already been said of Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., and the speech she gave that led her to being booed by University of Wyoming graduation attendees last weekend. While a lot of that conversation focuses on specific comments she made, we...

 By Kerry Drake    Opinion    May 12, 2022

Biggest election in Wyoming a total snooze-fest so far

Liz Cheney’s fight to keep her U.S. House seat is supposed to be a slugfest. How could it not be? There’s so much inherent drama: Cheney, the fallen GOP princess, locked in a duel against her party’s once (and perhaps still) king, Donald Trump....

 By Kerry Drake    Opinion    May 5, 2022

Wyo. officials think customers should pay $1B to 'save' coal

Gov. Mark Gordon and the Legislature apparently believe Wyoming’s electricity customers are all chumps.What other conclusion is possible, given their push to prop up the dying coal industry by retrofitting the state’s coal-fired power plants...


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