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NEPA assault will weaken Wyo. people and places

In less than three years, President Donald Trump’s administration — aided and abetted by Wyoming’s congressional delegation and state leaders — has rolled back 58 environmental rules and regulations and has another 37 such changes on the...

 By Kerry Drake    Opinion    April 17, 2019

University owes residents an explanation of President's firing

I covered the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees for six years in the 1990s, through turbulent times that included academic and athletic program eliminations, proposed facility closures and controversies over academic freedom. Those challenges...


Grocery tax a blow to poor

A lot of blood, sweat and years went into the fight to remove state sales taxes from groceries in Wyoming. It finally happened in 2006. Former State Rep. Ann Robinson (D-Casper) spent eight years bringing bill after bill to the Wyoming House before...


Harshman redux may 'save' our schools... again

Sometimes a politician is fortunate enough to hold the right office at the time when their service is needed the most. Such is the case with Rep. Steve Harshman, R-Casper, the outgoing and incoming House speaker. Traditionally, the leader of the...


State stands its ground

Voters in three conservative Western states overruled their elected officials in the midterm elections and expanded Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of low-income people via ballot initiatives. “The GOP has been bashing the [Affordable Care Act]...


Dodging a fiscal bullet

Don’t look now, but Wyoming just dodged a fiscal bullet. The smart thing to do would be to count ourselves lucky, then get out of the line of fire before the next round comes flying down range. But if history is any guide, I expect our Legislature...

 By Kerry Drake    Opinion    May 9, 2018

Is Wyoming truly the Equality State?

Every year brings new attacks on the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered in Wyoming. I’m sick and tired of it. Wyoming claims it’s the “Equality State,” a place where people value individualism and respect the rights of...

 By Kerry Drake    Opinion    March 28, 2018

Let the sunshine in

When Republican state legislators caucus, they convene the numbers and the power to determine Wyoming law, and they do so behind closed doors. That is a choice. They could, if they wanted, allow the public to observe the deliberations that de facto...  Website

 By Kerry Drake    Opinion    August 23, 2017

Wyoming has no tolerance for hate groups

A few days after we moved to Casper from Cheyenne in 1999, my 12-year-old son asked me something I’d been wondering myself: “Dad, where are all the black people?” Wyoming’s capital city can’t be described as even remotely diverse, with an...

 By Kerry Drake    Opinion    June 15, 2016

Expansion opponents should pay the price

Watching state legislators debate Medicaid expansion during the budget session was like seeing a driver head full-speed toward a cliff and refuse to hit the brakes. The fully anticipated plunge adds to the financial pressures faced by many Wyoming...


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