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By Jack H. Smith
Staff Writer 

Snowy weather and the idiots it brings


I’m currently looking out the window to an intense, yet beautiful spring snow storm.

Even living in Wyoming, it amazes me when the spring or early fall snow comes and people suddenly act like Green River is Jamaica and this should never be happening this time of the year.

It seems the whole area goes into a panic and nobody is quite sure what to do.

It’s Wyoming. It snows pretty much all year long. After a pretty descent winter, everyone had to know this was going to be coming.

For all we know after a tame winter, it will probably snow during the city’s Fourth of July celebration. And know I’m not going to knock on wood as I say that, because if I could control the weather it wouldn’t be snowing, just an hour before I have to get on the interstate.

No matter the time of year it comes, snow means bad roads and bad roads mean danger.

Last week a video of a pile up between Laramie and Cheyenne went viral and showed how nasty, scary, and dangerous driving in inclement weather can be.

Each year on the interstate, I pass wrecks that make me cringe and yet every time there are bad conditions, some idiot will be come blowing by me like he’s trying to catch up with Vin Diesel and I wonder how people can be so stupid.

The best case scenario is really horrible weather is to just stay home. Sometimes this is just not possible and people need to get to work or other places.

There are also out-of-state drivers who don’t have a clue. The first person to usually pass me in a storm has California or Florida plates. They are usually the first I will see in a wreck.

It’s not like they continue to do the speed limit either. There is some sort of jaded mentality and thinking that if they speed they will get out of inclement weather sooner.

There are also Utah drivers. I’ve driven all over the United States. There are no worse drivers than those from the Beehive State.

Going down Parley’s Canyon is a mess in the winter. It’s not just the roads. It’s the fact that all the yuppies going to and from Park City think it’s a perfectly grand idea to drive their Range Rovers at 110 miles per hour. Just because the car is expensive and has four-wheel drive, doesn’t mean it’s ok to be a naughty driver.

I think the entire state of Utah needs to assemble at places like Rice-Eccles Stadium, Energy Solutions, and Rio Tinto Stadium for several hours of drivers education. I think it would do them all a little good. It’s obvious what they teach in Utah isn’t working.

While the out-of-state drivers make me nervous as a horse in a car wash, I think that everyone, even us in Wyoming, need to tone it down in inclement weather.

I’m sure that this will probably blow peoples’ minds, but wherever you are going, it’s still going to be there even if you’re five minutes late. I’ve got that kind of control of things.


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