First century witnesses growth

In 1968, Green River celebrated its 100th anniversary.

While some towns of similar sizes may not have witnessed substantial growth in their first century, this was certainly not the case for Green River, the town entered 1968 thriving.

Just a quick look back at the Jan. 4, 1968 issue of the Green River Star showed that the town was rapidly expanding with a boom in energy related expansion as well as a thriving downtown area.

The lead story on the front page focused on not only substantial mine and trona refinery construction, but also a great deal of residential building, heavy construction on the highway and a growing population.

A quick look through the pages of the Star, showed many small businesses who advertised throughout the pages of the paper.

The front page included a picture and caption about the Tomahawk Pharmacy who had moved from its longtime location in the Tomahawk Hotel into a building across the street.

While there were familiar advertisers people will still notice today like the Red Feather and H&R Block, there were a plethora of businesses that no longer call Green River home.

There was a little bit of something for everything with businesses suited for specific markets like Brook’s Ladies Apparel to the ones who had a little something for everyone like the Green River Mercantile, Romig’s Department Store and Dell’s Market.

Local residents could also take their vehicles to be serviced at Frank’s Standard Service or Lee’s Conoco.

There were also businesses that no longer find their place in the landscape of modern America like Twin Tune Radio & TV Sales and Service.

The Green River Star also jumped into the thriving economic state with an office and equipment store at their downtown office.

Residents could purchase columnar pads and sheets, accountant’s work sheets, file folders, assorted pencils and pens, index cards and card file boxes.


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