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  • Raise your voice before RMP raises your rates

    Sam Shumway, AARP Wyoming State Director|Jul 20, 2023

    As the economic effects of inflation continue to jeopardize Wyomingites’ finances, Rocky Mountain Power wants its customers to pay more. The Wyoming Public Service Commission is considering a proposal that would hit the pocketbooks of Rocky Mountain Power’s customers hard. In short, the company is asking for a 21.6% rate increase, which would go into effect just after the New Year. That increase would mean over $140 million of new annual revenue for Rocky Mountain Power, but it also means the average customer will be paying $204 more per year....

  • Older voters decide elections

    Sam Shumway, State Director AARP Wyoming|Aug 26, 2020

    Kate Sarosy is the AARP Wyoming State President, but you may know her as the former mayor and city councilman in Casper. She says during her campaigns in the 2000’s it never occurred to her to specifically court the age 50+ vote. She isn’t alone. While research tells us candidates tend to court young voters, older voters are deciding elections. According to US Census data, 90.5 percent of registered voters aged 50+ participated in the 2016 election. In Wyoming, the 50+ voter remains reliable. According to the Secretary of State, 81 percent of r...

  • Internet romance scams common for seniors

    Sam Shumway, State director of AARP Wyoming|Feb 20, 2019

    Whether celebrating a relationship or longing for something more, Valentine’s Day has a way of turning our heads and hearts to finding that special someone. In today’s world, it is perfectly acceptable to go looking through online dating sites, social media, and mobile apps in search of love. While these sites and apps can be a great place to meet people, it is important to recognize that not everyone is who they say they are online. The FBI tells us that reports of romance scams have grown from around 5,000 in 2012 to nearly 15,000 in 201...

  • Laughter helps mental well-being

    Sam Shumway, AARP Wyoming|Nov 28, 2018

    What did the dog say when he sat on a piece of sandpaper? Rough. As the father of five, I am no stranger to lame “dad jokes,” but a new study suggests laughter is a large component of maintaining positive mental well-being, brain health, and even decreased instances of dementia. According to data recently released by The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), an ability to maintain a positive sense of mental well-being is related to better brain health and even lower dementia rates in older adults. The GCBH defines mental well-being as a per...

  • Dealing with the Equifax beach

    Sam Shumway, AARP Wyoming President|Oct 25, 2017

    Typing your last name and final six digits of your social security number into Equifax’s website is sort of like getting a sore tooth looked at by the dentist - you know you need to do it, but the potential bad news you receive could lead to future pain. In this case, it is less of a root canal and more identity theft. I’m not sure which is more painful. To recap recent events, Equifax is one of three major consumer credit-reporting agencies, with data on more than 820 million consumers and 81 million businesses worldwide. In early Sep...

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