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Heart can make a popping-corn rhythm

“Every once in a while, my heart seems to be jumping out of my chest, I get a weak feeling and short of breath,” the patient explained. When I listened with my stethoscope, his rhythm was different than the usual lub-dub, foot-tapping, sounds,... Full story


It's time to stand up against bullies

We have all had to deal with bullies throughout our lives, and I have had my share. One fall day, coming home from school, I saw two guys from my third-grade class beating up on a smaller kid and was moved to step in to help. I was chagrined, but...


Is the information one reads fake news?

It is miraculous to consider how much access and exposure we have to information through our computers, televisions, radios and newspapers. Unfortunately, we need to be on guard because too much of this buzz can be false information. In an October...


Skin cancer questions answered

Q: What are some types of skin cancer?  A: The three major types are basal cell, squamous cell and malignant melanoma. In general, one in five, or 20 percent of people in the U.S. have had or will have some type of skin cancer. In Australia where...


A prayer for aging discovered from the ancient medicine wheel

Nothing has touched my soul and spoken to aging with grace quite like the ancient Indian medicine wheel and the traditions that have evolved from it. From the National Library of Medicine, I learned that in the Americas, Indian tribes have multiple...


Thumb-sucking and other addictive behaviors

Addiction can be defined as the compulsive repeated use of a drug or substance (such as alcohol) or performance of a behavior (such as gambling). Dependence is different, occurring when repeated use of a drug (such as heroine) results in physical dep...


How we get bacterial pneumonia

(Publisher’s note: The Prairie Doc is a new health column offered to us from the Wyoming Press Association. Let us know if you enjoy it.) My good friend, a single man in his 60s, didn’t like going to the medical clinic for anything, let alone a...


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