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Imaging with a little help from my friends

The world of radiology began in 1895 when a European physicist Wilhelm Röntgen noticed fluorescence behind heavy cardboard when a cathode tube was activated nearby. Röntgen used his wife’s hand to demonstrate for the first time how these unknown...


Anaphylaxis and shock, reversed by epinephrine

Ms. A. was in the bagel shop line and told the server she was allergic to peanuts. The server reassured her there were no peanuts in the bagel but was unaware some peanut butter was left on the knife from an earlier sandwich. After a few bites of...


How we get bacterial pneumonia

(Publisher’s note: The Prairie Doc is a new health column offered to us from the Wyoming Press Association. Let us know if you enjoy it.) My good friend, a single man in his 60s, didn’t like going to the medical clinic for anything, let alone a...


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