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  • Hunting bighorn sheep ewes to save the herd

    Christine Peterson, WyoFile|Apr 11, 2024

    Few hunting experiences are as rugged, challenging and elusive as stalking a bighorn sheep. Interested Wyoming residents typically wait decades, if not even a lifetime, before drawing a ram license in their home state. Sheep herds are relatively small, scattered and found in remote, challenging terrain compared to pronghorn, deer or even elk. And the opportunity is once in a lifetime. Draw a Wyoming bighorn sheep ram tag, and whether or not you fill it, you'll never get another. But ewes are a... Full story

  • Carnivores and scavengers could help reduce CWD

    Christine Peterson,|Jan 4, 2024

    Wyoming Game and Fish biologists and technicians have spent the last year and a half feeding four captive bobcats ground meat infected with chronic wasting disease. The study isn't to see if bobcats can contract the disease - it hasn't been shown to cross the species barrier to carnivores like big cats - the goal is to see what comes out the other end. The results so far have been promising. Only 2% of the chronic wasting disease prions that go into a bobcat's mouth can be detected in the... Full story

  • A new study from UW and Grand Teton shows complex relationship between foxes and people

    Christine Peterson,|Sep 28, 2023

    A red fox jumped into someone's golf cart in Grand Teton National Park a few summers ago, presumably looking for a snack. It wasn't the fox's first foray into begging humans for food, and it wouldn't be his last. After hopping on occupied picnic tables and stealing fish from ice fishermen, park rangers ultimately trapped and killed the creature. It's one thing for foxes to linger near campsites and pose for the occasional photo, it's another for a fox to hop up next to a person. Red foxes aren't... Full story