Animal Control maintains "no-kill" status

The City of Green River Animal Control Shelter maintained a "no-kill" status in 2022, according to the recent Best Friends Animal Society's annual data report. This means the shelter has saved more than 90% of the dogs and cats that entered the shelter last year.

A 90% save rate is the nationally recognized benchmark to be considered "no-kill," which factors in the idea that approximately 10% of pets who enter shelters have medical or behavioral circumstances that warrant humane euthanasia, rather than killing for lack of space.

"Green River Animal Control has always strived to maintain a very low kill rate, and the staff has always prided themselves on being an adoption and rescue shelter first," a City of Green River press release explained.

Over the years, Animal Control Officer Lydia Holmes has spearheaded and explored rescue options in Wyoming and surrounding states, which has opened up new and additional avenues for the shelter to help find as many homes as possible for animals. Currently the shelter works to host adoption events and provide education for and promote the importance of spaying and neutering.

"We have also worked with amazing citizens who have fostered or transported animals for us, and that continues to be a huge asset to the shelter," the press release explained.

The one thing that has had the most impact, however, has been networking with other shelters and rescues and programs that help place senior animals, special needs animals, or animals with behavior problems, the press release explained. Officer Holmes was instrumental in locating and building a relationship with these organizations and giving the shelter additional resources to help as many animals as possible.

"The staff has always evaluated animals to try to find the best fit for them, whether through adoption or rescue," the press release continued. "To be recognized as a no-kill shelter by the Best Friends Animal Society is an honor, and a reminder in a sometimes thankless job, that what we do matters. We here at the Green River Animal Shelter will continue to strive to be the best advocates for animals we can be through our work as Animal Control Professionals."

Best Friends Animal Society, a leading national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters by 2025, recognizes this achievement as a positive step forward and one that can be replicated by other shelters in Wyoming, the press release concluded.

To learn more about Green River Animal Shelter visit or visit the Facebook group "Green River Animal Control."


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