Green River Animal Control adds new yard funded by donations

Thanks to donations, the Green River Animal Control Center has added more room for dogs to roam. Tracy Wyant, Community Service Supervisor, says the project could not have been completed without the many donations Animal Control has received over the years.

Wyant says the history on the restricted donations fund started when Animal Control was approached by Smith's Food and Drug and they asked if they could donate money as a part of a program they were doing with pet sales. Animal Control also had other places that wanted to donate money, such as United Way, special groups, etc. 

Wyant says "I had learned that without a restricted donation letter, the money would go into the general fund and may not be allocated for specific use at the animal shelter so I drafted a restricted donation letter that people/organizations can sign asking their monetary donation stay and be used at the animal shelter."

That letter is turned in with every monetary donation made and the money is earmarked, and when they use it for supplies or a project at the shelter that money is then moved into the general fund for Animal Control.

Wyant says they get donations at holidays, from happy customers that have adopted from them, and as a request from a person that has passed away and wants money donated in their honor to the animal shelter.

Several years ago, outdoor space was added on the back side of the facility on East Teton and Wyant says that added space has been great. She says they use it for extra space for dogs to run and play and also use it for meet and greets, and mostly to give some dogs extra exercise and social time.

"It has worked so well and we happened to have more space in the back of the shelter that I thought what about a small dog yard or second yard, because sometimes not all dogs get along and need a separate space or sometimes the small dogs would benefit from having their own yard," she said.

Wyant says they had not spent very much from the restricted donations fund over the years and it had accumulated to over $15,000.

Wyant says the timing of the project was perfect because of the old turf at the high school football field was given away and felt it would be great for the new yard. Parks and Rec brought a roll to the shelter and then she got bids for the project and was able to complete the second yard for $11,100. That project was completed this week and 1,200 square feet was added to the yard.

Wyant concluded by saying "our citizens are amazing and this project was totally possible because of their donations."


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