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Lady Wolves dual Lander, compete in Powell


September 14, 2023

The Green River Lady Wolves Swimming and Diving team traveled to Lander on Friday to dual against the Lander Tigers. Lander was the State Champion last year, beating Green River by 44 points, so it was very exciting to see how Green River would match up against them this season.

The Lady Wolves’ relay teams swam with intense rivalry, but couldn’t grab the first place spots away from the Tigers. In the individual events, the Lady Wolves had several strong swimmers who came out on top. Haley Clevenger won the 200 and 500 Yard Freestyle, beating Lander’s Katy Anderson in both events. Tavia Arnell won the 200 Yard Individual Medley, beating Lander’s Emily Anderson. Arnell also placed first in the 100 Yard Butterfly, along with Madison Moffat placing second. In the 50 Yard Freestyle, Peyton Murray took third place, getting beat by Lander’s Josey Johnson and Daegan Reinhardt. In the 100 Yard Freestyle, Lander’s Emily Anderson took first and Green River’s Hailey Luth placed second. In the 100 Yard Backstroke, Lander’s Lara Robertson took first place and Green River’s Alayna Kellhofer took second place. Brianna Uhrig won the 100 Yard Breaststroke along with Kaylin Uhrig placing second. Kaili Wadsworth placed first in the 1-Meter Diving along with Natalie Walgren placing second.

Green River achieved victory over Lander, winning the dual with a final score of 104 to 81.

“I think they swam pretty strong,” said Head Coach Colleen Seiloff. “We had swimmers in different events and some that swam in their stronger events and our divers also did very well.”

She said it’s always really fun to compete against Lander and the girls get really excited when they win. A lot of the teams are struggling right now with girls getting sick, so they actually skipped a morning practice to rest the team. She is very happy with the freshmen that have joined the team this year as they are really contributing. Green River has a balanced team this year and across the board they are very competitive, even with each other, pushing each other to improve.

The Lady Wolves traveled to Powell on Saturday to compete in the Gene Dozah Invitational. There were nine teams competing, and the Lady Wolves’ fierce competition claimed second place. Green River had top performers in several events. Clevenger came in first place in the 200 and 500 Yard Freestyle, beating Powell’s Kaitlin Diver in both events. Arnell took first in the 100 Yard Backstroke, beating Powell’s Patricia Christensen. She also won the 100 Yard Breaststroke, along with Brianna Uhrig taking second.

Green River’s relay team made up of Clevenger, Luth, Arnell and Emilee Barnes took first place in the 400 Yard Freestyle Relay, beating Douglas.

During the meet in Powell, Coach Seiloff let the girls swim in events they usually don’t compete in. The girls like to try and get qualified for State in as many events as they can and she said it was a really fun meet for them.

“We are learning something new every time we swim,” she said.

Green River will compete in Rock Springs against the Tigers at 4 p.m. and will host a Green River Invite on Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

Gene Dozah Invitational

200 Yard Medley Relay

2. GRHS A 2:02.92 (Alayna Kellhofer, Arnell, Moffat, Luth)

11. GRHS C 2:27.05 (Katelyn Maez, Avah Kellhofer, Ellie Mandros, Linkin Lucero)

200 Yard Freestyle

1. Clevenger, 2:09.19

4. Brianna Uhrig, 2:17.21

8. Kaylin Uhrig, 2:24.12

14. Dalynn Graves, 2:36.06

24. Lauren Clark, 3:10.65

200 Yard IM

7. Emilee Barnes, 2:41.54

9. Luth, 2:42.64

19. Alyson Robidoux, 3:17.15

50 Yard Freestyle

6 .Ivory Neher, 28.35

10. Barnes, 28.89

11. Peyton Murray, 28.93

12. Kellhofer, 28.95

13. Moffat, Madison 29.13

35. Kamille Wadsworth, 39.99

1 Meter Diving

4. Kaili Wadsworth, 185.95

13. Natalie Walgren, 134.70

100 Yard Butterfly

5. Breanna Van Etten, 1:12.37

9. Murray, 1:15.25

14. Mandros, 1:26.30

100 Yard Freestyle

5. Luth, 1:01.39

8. Van Etten, 1:05.02

9. Moffat, 1:05.21

13. Maez, 1:08.02

18. Bella Anderson, 1:11.16

26. Baylee Cochrun, 1:19.54

41. Kamille Wadsworth, 1:46.86

500 Yard Freestyle

1. Clevenger, 5:49.40

7. Neher, 6:31.18

11. Lucero, 6:40.35

19. Lauren Clark, 7:55.94

200 Yard Freestyle

2. GRHS A 1:50.88 (Clevenger, Neher, Kellhofer, Brianna Uhrig)

5. GRHS B 1:59.75 (Avah Kellhofer, Moffat, Kaylin Uhrig, Van Etten)

16. GRHS C 2:33.59 (Lauren Clark, Robidoux, Cochrun, Kamille Wadsworth)

100 Yard Backstroke

1. Arnell, 1:03.37

11. Maez, 1:19.90

14. Graves, 1:24.15

15. Lucero, 1:25.18

100 Yard Breaststroke

1. Arnell, 1:13.76

2. Brianna Uhrig, 1:17.38

4. Kaylin Uhrig, 1:18.65

8. Alayna Kellhofer, 1:23.48

14. Avah Kellhofer, 1:28.52

21. Mandros, 1:34.83

30. Robidoux, 1:44.96

32. Cochrun, 1:56.52

400 Yard Freestyle Relay

1. GRHS A 3:57.75 (Clevenger, Luth, Arnell, Barnes)

8. GRHS C 5:01.71 (Lucero, Graves, Bella Anderson, Cochrun)

Team Rankings

1. Powell High School: 286

2. Green River High School: 274

3. Cody High School: 230

4. Douglas High School: 160

5. Worland High School: 113

6. Buffalo High School: 107

7. Riverton Girls Swim Team: 106

8. Sublette County Swim Team: 49

9. Newcastle Dogies: 8


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