Star Twin Cinema closing

When the last credits roll and the doors of the Star Twin Cinema close tonight, they will remain closed.

The movie theater in Green River announced last Thursday that it is closing.

"It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the Star Twin Cinema in Green River's last day of operation will be Thursday, August 10," the Star Twin said in a statement shared on its Facebook page.

"Two years ago, we invested a quarter million dollars in new reclining seating, sound and projection systems, an interior remodel and a new roof for the Star Twin," the statement continued. "Unfortunately, inflation has brought severe increases in operating costs, which has made it even more difficult for this theatre to regain profitability."

During its last week, the theater invited people to see screenings of "Barbie," "Haunted Mansion," and the Summer Kids Series mystery movie "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish."

The theater will be closed officially starting Friday, August 11. The building is listed for sale with Blaine Tate at Brokerage Southwest.

Many Green River residents, past and present, commented on the theater's statement on Facebook to express their sadness and share their memories of the Star Twin.

"I loved going there as a kid," Steph Lamblin said.

"I literally grew up in that theater," Jessica Noel said. "My grandparents ran it many years ago."

Someone else who felt like they grew up with the Star Twin was Katharine Sutton, who said her sister's friend used to work there in the late 80s and 90s. She remembers seeing films like "Home Alone," "Forrest Gump," "The Little Mermaid," and more.

"I don't live in Green River anymore, but I visit the theater almost every time I come home to see my folks," Sutton said. "Very sad day indeed."

Kellie Rockey remembered having her first date there, while Emily Hunsaker shared that she got engaged at the theater 20 years ago.

"Sad to hear this, it's been so nice to have you here," Mary Hyer commented on the theater's post. "I was really looking forward to taking my great grandsons to kids summer movies like I did with their parents. I hope someone buys it and keeps it going."

"I wish the residents of Green River would support local business better," Tammy Kempton-Fennell said.

Angie Failoni expressed her opinion that people go to movies in Rock Springs more often than in Green River since most new releases come out in Rock Springs first and stay there longer.

The Star Twin also encouraged people to keep going to movies in Rock Springs in their statement.

"The big screen is still booming in Rock Springs, and your WyoMovies Gift Cards and Studio Rewards account are welcome at the Star Stadium and all our other WyoMovies locations," the statement said. "Thank you for letting us serve the Green River community for over 25 years. It has been a pleasure and an honor."


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