City salaries approved with budget

Along with approving how the city will spend funding for the next year, the Green River City Council approved salaries for the city's employees. Some of those employees are seeing large pay bumps in their yearly salaries.

City Administrator Reed Clevenger is one of the employees who will see bigger paydays in the upcoming fiscal year. According to Council documents between fiscal years 2021-2022 and the newly adopted 2023-2024, Clevenger's salary is boosted from $157,838 a year to $172,473, representing an increase of $14,635. Much of that increase occurs in the recently approved budget, where the salary grows $9,900. This also doesn't include other compensation and benefits outlined in his contract with the Council.

Green River's judicial employees also received increases in their salaries from their 2021-2022 levels. Council documents list the salary for Jason Petri, the city's municipal court judge, increasing to $93,681 from $88,301 during the previous fiscal year. The 2021-2022 salary for his position was $85,729. City Attorney Galen West's salary grew as well – starting at $78,000 during fiscal year 2021-2022, growing to $90,000 during the previous fiscal year and increasing to $92,700 for the new fiscal year. City Prosecutor Bobby Pineda's pay also grew, from $72,870 during the 2021-2022 fiscal year, to $75,056 during the previous fiscal year, then to $79,627 for the new fiscal year.

Salaries for the city's director-level employees, which consist of the police chief, fire chief, and the directors of the city's finance, human resources, parks and recreation, and public works departments have salaries set in the same range, from $100,315.53 to $135,425.97 a year. The lowest tier of the city's professional-class employees, which consist of the comptroller, GIS analyst, building official, and the government affairs and grant manager range from $80,524.33 to $108,707.85 while the highest tier, which includes the environmental systems support, network analyst and professional engineer roles, range from $88,770.66 to $119,840.40 a year.

The pay for Council members and Mayor Pete Rust has not increased. Council members will receive $1,000 each month while the mayor receives $1,500 per month.


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