Viola Dominguez

Born in Douglas Wyoming, Viola was a active resident in Green River during the late 70's and early 80's, residing in Jamestown.

Having family also living in town: Her Father Lloyd "Hoot" Gibson, and Her Brother Wayne Gibson and his large immediate family.

Viola was a hard worker serving customers as a waitress at establishments such as The Mustang, or The Coffee Cup; until she married Juan Dominguez, a soda ash miner at the local Allied Chemicals (now TATA) mine just on the outskirts of town. After her marriage to Juan she became a stay at home housewife then subsequently mother once they adopted their son Mark.

Not until the mid 80's did Viola and her family leave Green River in pursuit of sunnier and warmer weather in Southern California. There she stayed until her death by natural causes, during this past 2023 Memorial Weekend.

(August 6th, 1935 - May 27th, 2023)


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