Warranty Deeds Dec. 30, 2022 - Jan. 18, 2023


January 26, 2023

Dec. 30, 2022

Troy Sinclair to Carrie Ann Canestorp, Lot 9, Foreman Addition

Patrick S. Gaensslen to SparSto & Fin LLC, Pt. Lot 2, Block 3, UPRR 2nd GR

HMC Leasing LLC to Sweetwater County, Lot 1, Layos Subdivision

Jan. 3, 2023

Randy Tabuchi Sr., Trustees to Hiler Homes & Rentals LLC, Lot 1, White Mountain Village Commercial (Properties with exception)

Awesome Homebuyers & Flipz 22 LLC to Hunter Davidson, Etal, Lot 2, Block 5, Bicentennial Addition

Jan. 4

James R. Hartman Jr., Etux to Mindi Lin Roberts, Etvir, Lot 20, Block 3, Glenarms 1st Addition

Frank T. Silbermann to Scott E. Baldwin, Etux, Lot 4, Block 4, Hutton Heights 5th Add.

Robert D. Jenkins, Etux to Robert Dean Jenkins, Trustees, Lot 7, Oregon Trails Phase III

Jan. 5

John C. Beebe, Etux to John C. Beebe, Trustees, Lot 10, Block 2, CY Addition

Jan. 6

Robert Brandon Moses to Johnny Lewis Aker, Etux, Lot 14, Area Thirty3 Estates Subdivision

Beverley A. Miller, Etal to Michael E. Workman, Etux, Lot 23, The Bluffs Executive Estates

Jan. 9

Sherri Kaumo to Michael R. Large, Lot 2, Block 1, Brooks Addition

Jan. 11

Wamsutter Trailer Court LLC to Pilot Travel Centers LLC, A Parcel S2 Sec. 27, T-20-N, R-94-W

Wamsutter Trailer Court LLC to Pilot Travel Centers LLC, Lots 10-11, High Country Estates Phase 2, & Lot 1, McCormick Apartments Sub.

Governmentauction.com LLC to Jodi Beaty, NW4NW4 Sec. 15, T-18-N, R-94-W

Jan. 12

Sheryl Wilson, Trustee to Sheila Ann Simpson, Etvir, Lot 5, Third Monroe Addition

Leah May Benson, Trustees to Jarvie Ranch LLC, Pt. Sec. 20 & 29, T-12-N, R-111-W

Chelsie L. Tominc to Myron Kippen, Unit A, Lot 4, Postal Square PUD

Jan. 13

Triple A & W Properties LLC to Duke Ebert Haynes, Etux, Lot 13, Deer Trail Subdivision

Eugene E. Johnston, Etal to Dustin Gross, Lot 1, Block 2, Amend. Country Club Est. 12th

Umesh Patel to Bruce K. Thomas, A Parcel in UPRR 1919 First, Pt. Tract I

Jan. 17

Travis M. Mulford, Etal to Dennis Arden Bond, Lot 3, Block 1, Clark Addition

Carolynn St. John, Etal to Carolynn St. John, Lot 25, Block 8, Hutton Heights 4th Add.

Carolynn St. John to Carolynn St. John, Trustee, Lot 25, Block 8, Hutton Heights 4th Add.

Governmentauction.com LLC to Gianfranco Ghiringhelli, SW4NE4 Sec. 15, T-18-N, R-94-W

Joshua Lewis House, Etux to Hannah Deserae Evans, Etal, Lot 9, Block 2, Laramie Addition

Alec Zumbrennen, Etux to Jaclyn Dawn Conner, Lot 4, Block 5, Hutton Heights 5th Add.

Jan. 18

Richard D. Eveatt, Etux to Richard Dean Eveatt, Trustees, Lot 10, Block 2, Rio Mesa Subdivision

Dale Brower, Etal to CB Casper LLC, Lot 1, Block 17, Hillside Addition

Denise P. Brower, Trustees to CB Casper LLC, Lot 48, Windriver Addition Phase 3, Lots 38, 28, 31, Replat Tract A, Windriver Add. Phase 2, Unit 5-A & Garage #5-A, The Bluffs, Lot 1, Pt. Lot 2, Block 4, Pioneer 3rd Lot 2, Block 3, Paxton Webb Add. & Lot 9 Block 3, Century West 1st

Denise P. Brower, Trustees to CB Casper LLC, Lot 8, Block 2, Springland Add. w/except., Lot 32, Cimarron Add., Lot 8, Block 4, Glenarms 2nd Add., Lot 117, The Village, A Tract in Block 7, Brooks Add., Lot 85, Windriver Addition Phase 2, & Lot 41 & a Portion lot 42, Century West 2nd Addition


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