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By Hannah Romero

GR Animal Control offers pet microchipping event


December 8, 2022

Those who need to get their pets microchipped or need help registering their pets’ microchips are invited to attend Green River Animal Control’s Holiday Microchip Event this Saturday, Dec. 10, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“It’s beneficial for the pet, the owners, and us for them to be microchipped,” Jade Winters, an Animal Control Officer with Green River, explained.

Having a pet microchipped is the best way to ensure reunification if a pet is ever lost, according to Winters. Collars and name tags are important, but they can be lost or removed.

“Really, a microchip is the only guaranteed way that they have something that stays with them no matter what that can get them home to you,” Winters said.

It’s also important for pet owners to go online to register their pets’ microchips to be sure they are linked to the owners’ contact information. That information also needs to be updated any time there are changes to things like addresses and phone numbers. Winters explained lots of pet owners forget to register online or update their information, which makes it harder to get their pet back to them, even with a microchip.

A benefit of getting a pet microchipped at Animal Control is GRAC will be listed as the facility where the microchipping was done, so Animal Control becomes a second contact, Winters explained. That way even if there’s a problem with the owner’s registration, the animal can be linked to GRAC, and the Animal Control Officers can work to find the family’s information in their system.

If people haven’t had their pets microchipped yet, or if they forgot to register them and lost the information they need on how to register, they can stop by Animal Control this Saturday. Putting a new microchip in only takes about 30 seconds, or Animal Control can scan old microchips to get the owner information on how to register.

Each microchip costs $20.

“The money that we get for the microchips goes back into our microchip funds so that we can get more,” Winters explained.

For each pet that gets microchipped during the event, pet owners will receive two raffle tickets to go toward holiday-themed gift baskets. The baskets have been donated by local businesses and community members, and they contain treats and toys, with some baskets specifically for dogs or cats.

The event is open to everyone, Winters explained, not just Green River residents. Anyone needing a microchip is encouraged to stop by.

While Green River Animal Control has hosted a number of events including vaccine clinics and adoption events, this will be the first microchipping event. Lydia Holmes, another ACO at the facility, came up with the idea and helped organize it. The success of this event will help determine whether Animal Control offers more microchipping events in the future.

Green River Animal Control is located at 80 East Teton Boulevard.


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