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Swimmers stay strong even with tough competition


October 6, 2022

Photo courtesy of Jamie Green

Tanith Smith swims the 100 Yard Backstroke at the Aquatic Center in Green River.

The Lady Wolves faced two tough teams last week and proved again how competitive they can be. The girls may have lost to Cheyenne Central, but they came back and won the meet against Laramie. Anytime you can get ahead of some of these tough teams, it is a big win for your confidence and the team.

Head Coach Colleen Seiloff feels the swim meet went very well and she was very impressed by their swims.

"Two school records were broke, so that was pretty cool," Seiloff said. "They swam good and really strong but they are tired right now. We were very excited about beating Laramie and being so close to Cheyenne. It was just good to have tough competition down here."

Despite the strong swimmers from the east side of the state, Green River's "A" relay team took a number one finish in the 200 Yard Medley Relay, beating Cheyenne Central with 1.2 seconds to spare.

Two of Green River's fastest swimmers, Tavia Arnell and Tanith Smith, both snagged first place finishes in multiple events. Arnell broke the school record that was held by Lauren Jensen from 2017 (2:15.31) in the 200 Yard IM with a time of 2:12.17. When asked how she felt about breaking the record Tavia Arnell said, "I was pretty excited and I have been trying to do it all season. It was a pretty great moment for me."

Another school record was broken by Tanith Smith in the 100 Yard Freestyle with a time of 53.78. The school record from 2021 was also held by Tanith Smith, which was a 53.92. "I was very excited, especially because starting the season was a little rough for me, so doing that and then getting a PR for the season was really awesome," said Tanith Smith.

The Lady Wolves will travel to Rawlins for the Rawlins Invite on Saturday.


Cheyenne Central, Green River, Laramie

Central 102 Green River 84;

Green River 99 Laramie 87

200 Yard Medley Relay

1. GRHS A (Tanith Smith, Brianna Uhrig, Tavia Arnell, Hailey Luth), 1:56.38

5. GRHS B (Ivory Neher, Mallery Lyon, Madison Moffat, Chezni Rubeck), 2:12.02

11. GRHS C (Grace Schulze, Alyssa Herwaldt, Linkin Lucero, Mikayla Green), 2:44.57

200 Yard Freestyle

5. Courtney Clark, 2:09.97

6. Haley Clevenger, 2:12.34

7. Emilee Barnes, 2:13.89

14. Maya Wiekhorst, 2:39.31

Girls 200 Yard IM

1. Arnell, 2:12.17

7. Uhrig, 2:38.44

8. Moffat, 2:39.64

10. Lyon, 2:59.82

11. Lucero, 3:03.18

12. Green, 3:10.05

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle

1. Tanith Smith, 24.90

3. Luth, 27.64

7. Rubeck, 28.36

21. Dalynn Graves, 32.30

23. Herwaldt, 32.98

1 Meter Diving

2. Zella Maez, 188.60

5. Olive Roberts, 163.10

10. Jocelyn Peterson, 89.35

11. MaKynzee Bagshaw, 51.80

100 Yard Butterfly

1. Arnell, 1:00.76

4. Moffat, 1:09.36

6. Neher, 1:11.01

100 Yard Freestyle

1. Tanith Smith, 53.78

5. Luth, 1:01.83

13. Schulze, 1:11.59

17. Ashlynn Smith, 1:13.28

500 Yard Freestyle

2. Courtney Clark, 5:40.27

5. Clevenger, 5:53.77

7. Barnes, 6:06.47

11. Wiekhorst, 6:54.84

12. Lucero, 7:02.83

200 Yard Freestyle Relay

3. GRHS A (Neher, Luth, Clevenger, Courtney Clark), 1:52.47

4. GRHS B (Moffat, Uhrig, Rubeck, Barnes), 1:54.55

100 Yard Backstroke

4. Neher, 1:10.64

8. Ashlynn Smith, 1:20.75

9. Graves, 1:21.71

11. Schulze, 1:24.73

100 Yard Breaststroke

2. Uhrig, 1:11.50

9. Lyon, 1:26.66

11. Green, 1:29.35

15. Herwaldt, 1:46.34

400 Yard Freestyle Relay

2. GRHS A (Arnell, Clevenger, Clark, Tanith Smith), 3:51.69

6. GRHS B (Barnes, Schulze, Wiekhorst, Lucero) 4:50.96


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