Shafe announces Western Board of Trustees candidacy

I would like to announce my candidacy for Western Wyoming Community College’s Board of Trustees. As a graduate of Western and former employee of the institution I have a comprehensive understanding of how much our college means to this community. I share alumni status with my husband, three of our children, and my brother. Though no longer employed by Western I have made a concerted effort to be involved by attending numerous Board meetings since my departure.

Western was established in 1959 by the citizens of Sweetwater County. It was through continued efforts and funding from the residents of Sweetwater County that Western grew into the institution it is today. Western has a some of the best programs in Technology and Industry in the country as well as an excellent nursing program. These programs are crucial as manufacturing and nursing are high demand areas of employment. Western’s academic programs have helped many students continue their education at universities, myself included.

As an employee, I led many committees and fundraisers that worked towards the good of our community. Some of this work included fundraisers that benefited Loaves and Fishes, the Boys and Girls Club, and Rock Springs Animal Control. As the Chairperson of the Military Advisory Committee at Western I worked closely with several organizations to put together two incredible events recognizing those who served their country and community; Hero Appreciation Days and Military Appreciation Days. I am a firm believer that community colleges should be very involved in their communities!

Know that serving the residents of our community will be an honor I will not take lightly. I will be prepared to ask the hard questions when need aed and seek answers. My job will be to serve you, our community. I appreciate your support and hope I can count on your vote.


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