Thatcher announes Western Board candidacy

Rock Springs resident Angela M. Thatcher has announced her candidacy for the Western Wyoming Community College Board of Trustees.

"First and foremost, I am running because I want to be a part of developing and encouraging a more positive culture at our community college," she said. "We're fortunate to have an institution such as this in our region and it's crucial that we ensure it's an environment of inclusiveness and trust for students, faculty, employees, and every one else who utilizes the college in order for it to be successful."

Thatcher said there have been concerns repeatedly raised in the community regarding recent changes and lacking accountability from administration and low morale among faculty and staff.

"An employee weighted by stress, underpayment, and overwork cannot perform at their best. A student, therefore, cannot receive the same quality of education that we have come to expect from Wyoming's community colleges," she said.

Thatcher referred to employee comments included in the recent 'Great Colleges To Work For' survey and local media coverage about the college as evidence of a need for change and a new perspective on the board of trustees.

Thatcher, originally from the Appalachian region of rural Ohio, has become fully invested in Sweetwater County after coming to the area in 2016. She co-owns a business in Downtown Rock Springs with her husband and has served on several boards and committees dedicated to local causes.

Professionally, she has worked for more than a decade in higher education in a variety of capacities at both the community college and university levels. She currently works with a local non-profit organization helping Wyoming families receive better health care.

Thatcher looks forward to speaking to voters about the college and welcomes questions or concerns they have.

"I am dedicated, invested, and ready to work for the betterment of our community, our college, and the employees and students there. I hope in November, you will elect me to the WWCC Board of Trustees. Let me work to bring the community back to community college," Thatcher said.


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