Seeking an end to the politics of 'hate and disparagement'

I recently received a fund-raising appeal, that says, "Dear Friend, The Liberal elites, the Fake News Media and the Marxist Democrats hate America -- and they hate you."

I am tired of the politics of hate and disparagement. I look forward to the primary election as an opportunity to reset the direction of the nation and the Wyoming Republican Party. I am with those who are concerned that Wyoming's Republican Party leadership is narrowly focused on a small set of strong views that do not represent Republican values and growth of the Party.  Increasingly, Party officials and events and our government meetings are characterized by hate, threats, and even violence.  Yet I am convinced that most Wyoming Republicans trend more towards the real issues and value civility and collaboration in service to the state.

At every turn, the Republican State Party leadership gives voice to a minority viewpoint that will not tolerate disagreement. Tactics include censure and RINO-labeling of any dissenting viewpoint. This party's central committee proposed to require citizens to choose and maintain a party affiliation aligned with an extreme platform before candidates even begin filing for office. 

To keep this narrow focus alive – made narrower by the exodus of the Reagan Republicans from the Party's confrontational politics - numerous vacancies have been filled by hand-picked appointments of likeminded people.   And in at least one instance, now the focus of a lawsuit, a county party has stacked its leadership with unelected members. 

Party leadership is making moves to block duly elected precinct committee and selected delegates from the more moderate Natrona and Laramie counties from participating in the state convention echo chamber where the party platform will be decided.  The party of Lincoln and Ronald Reagan's Big Tent has become the party of exclusion.  Reagan's 11th commandment about not speaking ill of fellow Republicans has become a relic of the past.

"We must keep the door open offering our party as the only practical answer for those who, overall, are individualists. And because this is the great common denominator this dedication to the belief in mans aspirations as an individual we cannot offer them a narrow sectarian party in which all must swear allegiance to prescribed commandments. (Sic)" -- Ronald Reagan


I write to encourage those who believe in the Big Tent to either become or get back involved in party politics.  It matters now more than ever.  Help us make it the party of ideas and not intimidation.  I urge you to run as precinct committeeman and committeewoman and run for public office, to support pragmatic Republican candidates, to restore civility, and to help contribute to finding meaningful solutions for Wyoming's challenges, including making our economy relevant in a carbon-concerned world.

August 16th might be the most important election in Wyoming's recent history. With the national focus on our Congressional race, the 2022 primary also represents a litmus test for the haters and excluders here and across the nation.  I urge your attention, your engagement - your candidacy for precinct committee person, and ask that you work to make our party more, not less.

Cale Case is a Republican representing Senate District 25. He lives in Lander.


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