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Lady Wolves softball team rallies to get win


April 14, 2022

David Martin

Madi Yoak makes sure a player from Cody wasn't fast enough to take second base during the first of two games the Lady Wolves played during Friday's double header.

After hard losses to Cody last Friday, the Green River High School softball team came back strong when facing Worland the next day.

"We got spanked by Cody," Coach Blaire Aimone admitted. "It was not a good outing."

The Cody Fillies had 21 hits and three home runs in the first match, which was the conference game, and ended up beating the Lady Wolves 17-4. In the second match of the day, Green River started out leading 6-1, but the Fillies scored 15 runs over the next two innings, ultimately winning 19-8.

Aimone believes a large factor in the loss was the mental aspect of the game. For one thing, Cody's pitcher throws harder than anyone the Lady Wolves have faced so far, according to Aimone, and she believes the team members were intimidated.

"We just couldn't get out of our heads and made mistakes defensively," she said.

While Cody is a strong team, Aimone is confident the Lady Wolves are a good match for them as long as they're playing their A game, so she hopes further matches with them will go better.

"Now we know, now we've seen them, and we can adjust and when we play them next time we'll be ready," she said.

After their hard day Friday, the softball team showed up on Saturday to face Worland - this time ready to win.

"The girls rebounded fantastically," Aimone said. "They could have folded and got really down, but they didn't. They came back with a vengeance."

Green River ended up beating Worland 28-1 in the first game and 20-5 in the second game. Aimone said the Lady Wolves played especially strong on defense and didn't make any errors in those games.

Going forward, Aimone wants the girls to keep working on fundamental skills like throwing, catching and not getting out. She hopes the defense will stay solid, which will help lead the offense into playing better as well.

Today the Lady Wolves are going up against Rock Springs, who they've already faced once this season. Although Green River lost their first game with them, Aimone said Rock Springs is a beatable team.

Both in this week's game and through the rest of the season, Aimone hopes the team will continue to see victories and stay confident in their abilities.

"It really is a mental game," she said. "So they've just got to get in that right headspace and believe that they can do it, and with the way that they came out against Worland, I think they now believe that they can win and then can put up runs on the board too. We scored 28 runs. Only good teams can do that. So I think now they know that they can and hopefully they build on that and continue."


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