Taking the leap: Shutran begins new position with U.S. Bank

After 26 years at U.S. Bank in Green River, Angela Shutran is ready for the next steps in her career.

“I’m taking the leap,” Shutran said.

Shutran has been working as the Assistant Vice President at U.S. Bank, managing the Green River branch and acting as Hub Manager over the Green River, Rock Springs, Evanston and Park City branches. Now she has accepted a new position for the bank as a data governance analyst.

“A data governance analyst helps organizations maintain best practices regarding their information, security, and integrity,” Shutran explained. “In this position I will come up with appropriate protocols for keeping data safe, developing tools and methods for overseeing the data, providing management recommendations to the bank.”

While her new position will relate to banks across the country, Shutran will be able to continue living in Green River.

“These types of roles used to only be open to individuals that were closer to our larger locations in Minneapolis, Minnesota,” Shutran said. “However, with the world of COVID, it’s opened up some doors to allow a lot of these positions to be done remotely, and so that just opened it up to people out here in more remote places, such as myself.”

Shutran was specifically sought out for this position after working with U.S. Bank on Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and assisting and managing a team across the nation. Remembering her work, U.S. Bank reached out to her about taking the governance analyst position, which Shutran said was “very flattering.” She is thankful, however, that she’ll be able to work from home and not have to move to Minneapolis.

Although Christmas Eve is officially Shutran’s last day in her current position, she’ll be sticking around for a little bit to help with the transition.

“I’m going to office here in the branch for the next few weeks to ensure that the transition goes well and that everyone is good and, you know, all of my clients are happy and taken care of and in good hands, because they’re important to me,” Shutran said.

Her close relationships with the people around her have made this change a bittersweet one for Shutran. She said although it’s all an “exciting adventure,” it was also a hard decision to leave her employees and customers.

“For 26 years, you build a lot of relationships over that time, become quite close to a lot of people, and, you know, they let you into their lives,” she said.

Shutran didn’t foresee so many years of loving her job when she started with U.S. Bank.

“I’m what they consider an accidental banker,” she explained. Shutran had been working at a restaurant during college, but when she was approached about being a teller she decided the job would work better with her schedule and future plans.

“I found that I absolutely loved it,” she said. “And so I kept working here and going to school, and then eventually I just kept staying here. And so I worked my way up from being a teller to being a hub manager.”

An open house in Shutran’s honor will be hosted at the Green River U.S. Bank at 285 Uinta Drive from noon to 4 p.m. Jan. 8.


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