Letter: A "Red October" will arrive soon


Dear Editor,

This is truly it. Russia had its Bolshevik revolution in October 1917. China its October 1949 and August 1966. Now we face our own Red October 2020 in America. Will the outcome be enslavement, mind control and the death of millions as with these prior socialist “experiments?” Time, and the extent to which we stand up for ourselves and our kids, will tell. Some of us have long seen this coming. Most of you are just now starting to think “where did all this come from?” A couple of you still cling to “let’s just get along,” unaware like Neville Chamberlain of old or our own Senator Mitt of the true nature of the enemy at the door. Many of you are my liberal friends—fellow Americans who out of a sense of justice have gone along with this movement, but are now confused and thinking that it seems to be going too far. You are right-- the same passion that drives you and I to stand against the right-wing tyranny that is Utah should naturally lead you to stand against this tyranny of the left. Join us. The real Marxists are few, but they are true believers in their Religion and willing to give all--that is their advantage. Until now you and I have been too busy raising kids, paying bills and getting along in life to take this seriously, but this thing will surely topple our apple carts and we will lose it all if we don’t get mad and get some courage. It is 1776, 1861, 1941. We have a few months. Prepare your family well, and stand as Americans.

Carl Sullivan

Stearling, Utah


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