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Our View: Graduation parade should become a tradition


Last week, graduates from Green River High School and Expedition Academy paraded through town, waving at residents and celebrating their accomplishment through one of the best ways afforded to them. Social distancing recommendations and cancelled ceremonies made for an unusual way to celebrate this coming of age, but of everything that’s happened to give those kids a proper sendoff, the parade is something we would like to see continue.

First, it’s a great way of including every student. The graduation ceremonies by design focus on the respective school’s students -- and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, an event allowing all seniors to celebrate their accomplishment while giving them that additional piece of recognition is something that could cap a week of graduation festivities. It would be a means of letting residents cheer the graduating classes on before the students start the next phase of their lives.

Aside from that, a good parade is always fun. Some graduates and their parents decorated their vehicles for the occasion, taping signs and balloons or writing on the windows to share their excitement. This excitement can carry over to people lined up along the streets, giving everyone a chance to join in the festivities. It could become an event signaling the start of summer in Green River as well, celebrating not only the graduating students, but the end of the school year as well.

The addition of an all-class float or separate floats built by GRHS and EA students would serve to build the parade. A parade lead by two floats representing the high schools would add to the parade, adding to the sight of dozens of vehicles with graduates waving and celebrating for all to see.

Finally, a parade isn’t an intensive event to plan if it features mostly private vehicles. Sure, permits have to be obtained beforehand, but the overall execution doesn’t take months to plan like a graduation ceremony or an all-night party.

Plus, the graduates involved appeared to have a lot of fun. It’s a memorable time for a young person’s life topped with the fact that residents came out to celebrate and cheer for their accomplishment.

It’s a memory that will likely stick with them for a long time.


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