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By Stephanie Thompson

Green River woman still missing

Anyone with information should contact the police


August 15, 2019

It's been a month since Green River resident Aubree Corona went missing, and yet it appears authorities don't have any more information than when she disappeared.

Aubree Shanae Corona, 28, was last seen July 13 by her friends when she left their campsite near New Fork Lake. She was driving a dark gray 2005 Chevy Avalanche with a red and white Honda CRF 450R motorcycle in the back.

Aubree is 5' 6," 194 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Her mother, Karen Corona, said she was told Aubree had left her two children, a three-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy, at the campsite to get gas for the truck and some groceries.

"She would just not do that," Karen said. "She would have never left her kids. So the fact she left her kids is not characteristic of her at all."

"I can't imagine her going this long without making contact," she said.

According to information from the Sublette County Sheriff's Office flyer, Aubree ended up on the Dubois side of Union Pass. She was supposed to return to camp, but never did.

Karen said Aubree spoke to a logger who was driving down the mountain and asked him for directions. He told officers he asked Aubree to follow his vehicle down the road and he would show her the road to Dubois. When he got to the end of the road, her vehicle was no longer behind him. The logger reported this to police.

"The thing that's a little bit hard for us to understand is her not realizing she was on rough roads," Karen said. "We can't understand why she didn't turn around."

According to Karen, that was the last anyone had seen of her or so she thought. Last week, she was informed that an employee at a convenience store in Dubois recognized Aubree and told officers she had bought a couple of items and asked for directions back to the campsite. The employee told officers she seemed anxious and frustrated over getting lost so he showed her routes to take to get back to the campsite other than the route she had just taken. He then gave her a map.

"No one has seen her since," Karen said. "Her phone hasn't been activated, she hasn't been on social media."

Karen said Aubree was always active on her social media accounts. As for credit cards or debit cards, Aubree didn't have any. Karen said they also asked the Sublette County Sheriff's Office to check the vehicle's OnStar, but for some reason they were unsuccessful. Karen took matters into her own hands and called OnStar herself, after being transferred numerous times, she talked to someone who could help her. She was informed that at some point the vehicle had activated OnStar, but it has since been disabled. Karen asked the OnStar employee what that meant. The OnStar employee wouldn't tell her, so she looked it up on the internet and discovered to disable OnStar a fuse in the vehicle would have to be pulled out or certain wires would need to be cut. However, the OnStar employee could not tell when it was disabled.

According to a press release from the Fremont County Sheriff's Office, on July 15 the investigation started and a two-day, search-and-rescue mission was conducted in the Union Pass area. Both Sublette and Fremont counties searched with ATVs and used a helicopter to try and locate the vehicle. While the investigation continues, the searches have stopped.

The family searches

Karen and family members continue to search for Aubree. They have searched the entire area themselves, including roads from Pinedale to Jackson, Jackson to Dubois, both sides of the mountain she was last seen at, Dubois to Lander, Riverton area, South Pass and Atlantic City. They have found nothing.

"We checked the roads I think pretty well," she said.

Since the mountain is where they thought she was most likely to have gotten lost, the family focused on it first.

"We spent five days up there combing that hill side," she said. "There's nothing."

Whenever there was an area along the road where Karen couldn't see the bottom of, she would pull over and look down to see if she saw the truck or any signs of an accident, such as broken branches or skid marks. Still nothing.

"I just don't know where else they could look," Karen said. "I just don't know where you could hide a truck. How could that just fall off the face of the earth?"

Yet, Karen is positive that the truck must have been seen by someone and it's the key to finding her daughter.

"It has to be somewhere," she said. "We just have to find where that truck is."

Holding onto hope

"We are trying to get the word out there that she is still missing and a lot of time has passed and we need everyone's help to find her," Karen said. "Someone, somewhere, somehow must have seen or heard something and we're just hoping we can reach that one person that can help us bring Aubree home."

A lot of people have told Karen they saw the original news statement put out by Sublette County stating the search was suspended and assumed she had been found, but that wasn't the case. The search-and-rescue team had concluded its search and the investigation is ongoing.

"She is loved dearly by her family and children and missed deeply every second of every minute of the day," she said. "We just pray that someone with any information will come forward, even if it doesn't seem like much it could be the lead we are hoping for."

Anyone with information about Aubree's or the vehicle's whereabouts is to contact the Fremont County Sheriff's Department at 307-455-226, Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department at 307-922-5300, Sublette County Sheriffs at 307-367-4378 or the Green River Police Department at 307-872-0555.


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