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By Stephanie Thompson

More than 2 decades spent in same apartment


For the past 25 years, a Green River man has been a resident of GreenRock Apartments.

Over that time, Glenn Gardea, 59, has remained in the same room and has witnessed first hand the changes GreenRock has gone through.

He moved in April 1, 1994, on the day it opened. He said he was told the reason it was going to be called GreenRock Apartments is because half of the residents were going to be from Green River and the other half from Rock Springs.

Gardea was happy to celebrate his 25th year at GreenRock and so were the owners. He said the owners, who live in Minnesota, sent him a card and inside the card said, "Glenn, Thank you for being part of the GreenRock family for the last 25 years! It has been an honor to serve you and have you around!"

He thought the card was very nice and reflected on what GreenRock was like when he moved in.

"When I moved in, the stove didn't work at first," Gardea recalled.

He laughed when he said it wouldn't work because it wasn't plugged in. It was that new of a building.

He also recalled how the washers and dryers for the laundry room were sent to another city.

"We had to do laundry at the laundry mat for two months," Gardea said.

He also remembers how the dining room didn't have any lights or tables at the time. They were still in the process of getting those installed.

As for the outside of the building, Gardea said so many improvements have been made over the years. At first, there was no landscaping at all. Just dirt.

"It was different," he said. "Everything's changed."

Gardea said he doesn't want to leave because everything he needs is there. He doesn't have to go out for mail, to dispose of trash or to do laundry. He only needs to go and get groceries.

"I've been here the longest," Gardea said.

One lady has been living at GreenRock for 10 to 15 years, but she lives on the upper floor.

Over the years, Gardea has received new carpet, a new refrigerator and blinds. He's excited about each new change. He also enjoys all the activities provided at the apartment building, but his favorite is bingo.


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