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Letter: Veteran does not agree with Enzi's letter


December 26, 2018

I live many miles from Green River, but I remember visiting you town back in 2013. I enjoyed the motel and the food up near the interstate.

The HR299 bill, which Senator Enzi objected to, was not a new expenditure. It was simply a return of benefits that were taken from the Blue Water Navy back in 2002. For 16 years, we have been exiled from the thousands of Vietnam veterans whose claims come on the VA acknowledging that the veteran has illnesses that may have come from Agent Orange. These veterans who served what is referred to as in-country rather than aboard ship are provided benefits through the allowance of presumptive exposure to the dioxins in the Agent Orange defoliate. The veterans who the VA designated as being in country have no scientific proof of exposure.

There is no scientific evidence according to the Institute of Medicine. Before the VA made the bias removal of those who served aboard ship, all who served in waters and on land and received the Vietnam service medal were eligible. That all changed in 2002. The sixteen years we have gone without benefits sure amounted to near the same amount it would cost for us to have our benefits.

The Senator express concerned of the cost. The House voted 382-0 to return our benefits. The Senate, with the exception of Enzi and Lee of Utah, supported the bill. The bill sat for six months while 400 Vietnam veterans died each day.

Fifty years ago, I never heard anyone object to the cost of war and to the cost of sending us to Vietnam. The objection from Enzi is nothing more than him be a pawn for leadership Mitch McConnell.

Enzi is a go-to boy waiting for his chance to be famous. Well Senator, you are a real combatant as you will have killed a good number of us who were there while you sit on your butt back in Wyoming.

So others might know our hurt, you sir, are a disgrace. You have dishonored 90,000 navy veterans. You have disgraced yourself and your service in the Senate.

Charles Muse

Jonesborough, Tenn


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