Our View: Tomahawk sale is a positive step


A surprise sale of a downtown Green River property marks a positive step in attracting business to the city, as well as redeveloping the downtown area.

The Tomahawk Building’s sale to a group of private businessmen interested in turning the building around and opening up use on all floors shows Green River is worth investing in. We can hope the added space at the Tomahawk will result in a larger push to attract business to the city, something all of Green River desperately needs. Once the upper floors of the building are opened up, we can only hope the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition at the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce or GRoWYO, the Tomahawk’s new owners, will hit the ground running and are able to fill the building with tenants. While we’re somewhat skeptical of the SEDC’s desire to bring business to Green River, especially considering the large number of vacant properties available in Rock Springs, GRoWYO as the building owners have incentive to fill the Tomahawk’s vacant space as the company would profit from renters.

Attracting new or existing businesses to the Tomahawk would cause it to become an anchor point for people visiting the downtown area, drawing more customers to other businesses and restaurants.

All businesses located in downtown Green River would stand to benefit, not just GRoWYO.

Improvements to the Tomahawk isn’t the only gain coming from this deal. Green River Futures, with cash in its bank account, can now tackle an improvement project downtown for the benefit of everyone in Green River. While the Futures board still needs to decide what it will do, a partnership with Green River Main Street could result in a beneficial development in the area.

While it would appear unlikely the city would be in a position to financially help a downtown project, other forms of assistance could be utilized. This would also provide an opportunity for the city and Green River Futures to mend fences, as disputes over the Tomahawk Building between the city and Futures have been resolved. The two entities have more to gain from working together than squabbling over past differences and if the two can come to an agreement and work to improve downtown Green River, the city’s residents would benefit.

We’re happy to see a local company stepping up to the plate and investing in Green River. We’re certain this investment will pay off and all of Green River will reap its benefits.


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