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By David Martin

Rodeo brings excitement to kids


Star photo by David Martin

Riley Kirk is thrown from his mini bronc shortly after the gate opens.

The Overland Stage Stampede Rodeo doesn't just offer adults an entertaining weekend; kids from throughout the region had fun as well.

The rodeo's early events featured kids riding mini broncs and included a performance from the World Reserve Champion mini bronc rider Jex Terry. Terry placed second during competition in the world mini bronc riding championships last year.

Aside from some of the early competitions featuring children, kids had a chance to chase down calves in an attempt to win prizes. Dozens of children, with the smaller kids joined by their parents, chased four calves around the arena Friday night, attempting to grab ribbons tied to their tails. One of the children, 10-year-old Tuker Carricato, was able to take two ribbons during the chase. A few others were less fortunate, getting bowled over as the nervous calves trotted through in an attempt to escape the mob of children.

Star photo by David Martin

Tuker Carricato, 10, holds up a second ribbon he took from a calf during a prize giveaway Friday. Kids were tasked with chasing calves in an attempt to take ribbons off their tails. Carricato gave the second ribbon to a friend at the end of the event.


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