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By Stephanie Thompson
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Music fills the air at session


Star photo by Stephanie Thompson

Lawrance Lowell is busy playing along with the rest of the group at the Golden Hour Senior Center's jam session Monday afternoon.

As soon as one walked through the doors of the Golden Hour Senior Center, the sound of music filled the building.

Following that sound, would lead a visitor to the stage, where on Monday afternoon four guitar players, Lawrance "Jug" Lowell, Pat Jennings, Marty Boyer and Joe Barbuto, were busy strumming away.

As soon as they finished one song, they would chat for a bit and then start another.

This is all part of the Monday afternoon jam session which take place at the GHSC. These sessions usually start at 1 p.m. every Monday.

"Except when they cut us off on holidays," Boyer said.

The group laughed.

Although they were busy playing numerous tunes, the group did take a break long enough to say they would like a bass player, a couple of horn players and a clarinet or saxophone player to join the group.

"Anyone is welcome if they can play the damn thing," Boyer said.

He said he just cannot stand listening to a player who thinks they need to play every single note even when they have a rest.

When the group isn't playing or chatting about what to play next, they are ready to take requests, however, they caution the requestors that they may not know all of the lyrics.

"If you don't know them, just make them up," Boyer said to Jennings.

When Jennings said he didn't want to make them up, Boyer instructed him just to sing the one he knew over again. They all laughed.

Sometimes the group doesn't even discuss what they are going to play, one will just start playing the guitar; and then the rest of the group will join in.

Even though the gang was having a good time and sounded good, they joked that as soon as they started playing the room cleared out.


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