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By Lillian Palmer
Staff Writer 

Thanks a lot for the profiling


Some say it’s a compliment to get carded. It’s frustrating though and a bit annoying when you get asked to see your I.D. multiple times in one night by multiple people in the same establishment.

My night at the fair was much like this. I will admit, I look young for a 26 year old. But the hassle I go through while drinking is slightly ridiculous. At the fair, I show my I.D. to receive a wrist band in the beer tent. I then proceed to the next booth to purchase my beer tokens. At the token booth, with my wristband already in place, I am asked to see my I.D. regardless. Perturbed though I may be, I show my I.D.

I proceed to have an enjoyable evening watching the concert, then back into the beer tent I went. The DJ starts up the music and the crowd is dancing.

I am there on the dance floor, standing, chatting with some friends, beer in hand, when I am faced with four police officers. The one directly in front of me motions for me to show her my wristband.

At the time my wristband wasn’t visible due to the jacket I was wearing. So, I pulled up my jacket sleeve to reveal my wristband. She then asks to see my I.D. Although annoyed at this point, I oblige and get my I.D. out and hand it to her. She then hands it over to another officer and he proceeds to call it in, reading my drivers license information aloud into his speaker.

Lo and behold, my drivers license is legitimate.

My questions are, was it really necessary to approach me with four officers, just to ask to see my wristband and I.D.?

Also, in my experiences what’s the necessity of a wristband if I am to be asked to show my I.D. regardless, every single time.

Third, why just me then? No other person in my vicinity was asked to show their drivers license, let alone their wristbands. Why single me out in a vast crowd of young looking people, many with beer in hand.

It was a very embarrassing experience for me, not doing anything wrong and getting confronted in front of the crowd in that manner.

I followed the rules. I broke no law. Why is it I feel harassed for doing so?


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