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By Stephanie Thompson
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Library hosts healthy food activity for kids


Stephanie Thompson

Isaac Dawes listens as one of the Sweetwater County Youth services librarians reads a book on vegetables.

Trying to get children to eat healthy foods can be a struggle for many parents, but thanks to one program at Sweetwater County Library's story time, that struggle was over, at least for one day.

During the library's weekly Tuesday story time, youth service librarian Misti Zimmerman was busy reading children books about the importance of eating vegetables and fruits.

The program kicked off with Zimmerman having the children sing the ABC's song with her.

Then, she picked out four books to read to the children. Each book focused on different food items that might be scary for children to try, but then they discover they like them.

"Are you noticing a theme?" Zimmerman said. "These are all about healthy food."

The children enjoyed the stories, but were even more excited when they found out they were going to make something out of food.

"Instead of making a craft, we are making a healthy snack," Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman then held up an apple car, and the children could barely keep themselves from running over to the food table and making one themselves. However, they were able to listen and most followed her instructions.

Youth Services Manager Becky Iwen said she found this project idea when she was searching the internet for food craft ideas. She said there really are a lot of great ideas online and all one has to do is search for them.

For this craft, apple slices were used as the body of the car, while four grapes were used for the wheels. Toothpicks poked through the grapes and into the apple slice held the wheels in place. Children had the choice of whether or not to use a slice of banana for the spare tire.

"In a social setting, they are more likely to try something new," Iwen said.

This type of a craft project with food sort of creates a safe zone for children.

When they see other children trying a new food, they are more likely to try one too, she said.

Some children didn't even make a car because they were too busy eating the grapes, bananas and apple slices. While others not only made a car, but pretended to drive the car around before eating it.


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