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By Stephanie Thompson
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Vacations can be stressful times


Getting ready for vacation always stresses me out.

There is all the added pressure of getting a couple weeks of work done before I go; and making sure the house is not a disaster.

Almost every time, I get so stressed out with all the vacation planning and preparations that I get sick when it is finally time to go. Usually, I will catch a cold or have a nervous stomach about the upcoming trip.

It is almost to the point where I start to wonder if it is really worth it.

Part of the problem is I get behind on housework as it is, but before a trip there is laundry to do, garbage to take out and dishes to wash.

I mean the house would smell horrible if I accidentally left the kitchen trash in there while we were gone.

Then there is the packing. Ugh, I just dread it. Especially if it is spring or fall. What do I pack? Do I bring summer clothes or winter clothes? What do I pack for the kids? How many shoes should I bring?

It is at this point when I sometimes get angry at my wonderful husband who just walks in, takes out his suitcase, puts it on the bed, opens it up and casually puts in a couple pairs of jeans, some T-shirts, socks, underwear, a couple of nice shirts and a pair of shorts. Then, he grabs his traveling kit and he is set. I think the whole process takes about 10 minutes or less.


Meanwhile, I am running around the house, packing for the boys and myself. Then, when I think I am all packed I start remembering all the things I forgot. I also have lists around the house, that I check off as I put them in the suitcase.

Plus, there are my son’s medications. That always stresses me out. I mean I can forget all the other stuff, but that is the most important. Unfortunately, his medicine needs to be refrigerated so it is always a last minute thing, which is probably why I do not sleep the night before the trip. I am always worrying about forgetting things.

Plus, I always realize there are a lot of things I have to do that I didn’t plan on. For example, the car we are taking needs the oil changed. Another vehicle needs the registration tags purchased before we go; and a visit to the bank is always required. It is all these things that start to send me over the edge.

Then, I go out to the vehicle and look around and I have a horrible thought, “Are people going to be riding around in it?” “Probably” I answer myself. Oh no. It literally looks like a milk and snack bomb went off where my toddler sons sit.

Oh great. Now I have to clean that too. Ugh. Again.

As the whole family pitches into clean the car, I cannot help but feel relieved. It only took us an hour, but it would have taken much longer if I would have done it myself. Every time I clean the car out I always vow not to allow the kids to have snacks in the car, but as we were running a little behind the morning after the cleaning, I was once again letting them drink their milk and eat their breakfast bars while I drove them to daycare.

Ugh. Hopefully, it won’t be too dirty in a few days.


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