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With the end of the Memorial Day weekend, we can absolutely say summer is here at last.

While the regional weather hasn’t been as cooperative as we would have preferred it to be, the almost daily rains will certainly put the Green in Green River during the coming weeks.

Like most people in Green River, we are excited about the upcoming annual events the summer season brings to southwestern Wyoming.

The coming weekend brings us the Quilting on the Green show, a great annual exhibition of quilting skill displayed at the Pavilion on Expedition Island. The show brings people from throughout the region and makes a great diversion for anyone.

Spending an hour looking at the different and creative quilt designs will inspire artists and leave an impression on others.

Quilting isn’t the only thing coming up, Green River’s long-running rodeo takes place next weekend.

The Overland Stage Stampede Rodeo takes place June 5 and 6 and features a concert with the rodeo action.

Of course, later in June, the ever popular Flaming Gorge Days celebration kicks off.

One might wonder why we decided to use this space to talk up some of the local events coming up, when it could as easily be used to agree or disagree with action taken within local government or galvanize action to solve a potential issue. In a way, that is what we’re trying to accomplish.

Events like Quilting on the Green, the Overland Stage Stampede and Flaming Gorge Days live and die with their attendance and sponsorship.

These are unique events happening in Green River that do bring people here to eat at our restaurants, shop at local stores and bring those all-important sales tax dollars into the city.

Community events are more important than simply having something to do on a weekend. They help support our friends and neighbors working at local businesses. County-wide events are great, don’t get us wrong, but we support Green River’s events as we’re a little biased in supporting our home team.

The Flaming Gorge Days Committee’s funding struggles have been well publicized. Continuing to show support and have fun going out to a great community-oriented event will help the event, as well as the city itself.

Look at some quilts, check out the rodeo and hit up Flaming Gorge Days. They’re fun times and the events help Green River.


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