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By Jack H. Smith
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Student selected as fuel up to play 60 ambassador


Jack H. Smith

Mariahn Litz was recently selected as an NFL Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador. She will attend a conference this summer in Chicago.

A Monroe Intermediate student was recently rewarded for her countless hours of hard work.

Sixth-grader Mariahn Litz was recently selected as a Wyoming ambassador for the NFL Fuel Up to Play 60 National Summit this summer in Chicago. Litz said she found out about her selection when her mom received an email.

"I was very excited," Litz said.

Monroe teacher Lori Hastert said it was a lengthy process that included getting enough points to qualify, accessing the program's website, tracking her eating habits, and getting other students involved with the program.

Founded by the NFL and the National Dairy Program, the program empowers students to charge in making small, everyday changes at school and getting kids to be active for at least 60 minutes a day.

In her first year with the program, Litz said that it was very important for her to join because a lot of kids her age don't get outside as much as they need to, and instead spend time on computers or cell phones.

"It's important to get students involved and to participate," she said.

Litz said the choices students make in sixth grade can really affect them later in life, especially if they pick up bad habits.

Along with getting students outside, Litz stressed the importance of healthy eating.

She said a lot of students would rather go to McDonald's for lunch, and prior to joining the program she would also not eat very healthy.

Litz said her family has supported her involvement with the program and they are now all eating healthier.

During her time in Chicago, Litz said she will be able to work with other kids in the program, as well as sightseeing, meeting NFL players, and being in a commercial.

She is looking forward to the trip and continuing to talk with other students about eating right and exercise. Hastert said she is very proud of Litz and all the kids involved with the program.


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