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By Jack H. Smith
Staff Writer 

Saving hope for the next generation


A few weeks ago I decided to change it up and made a trip to Arby’s in Rock Springs.

I pulled into the crowded parking lot and could not find a space. While there were a lot of people there getting their fix of beef and cheddars, there should have been a space available.

Instead, three different people decided it was perfectly fine to park not even close to in between the lines. The three instigators were not even next to each other. It was almost as if they planned it in unison just to screw up someones day.

One of the bad parkers was in a huge truck, which is something I see all the time. I can’t figure out how people who drive a huge truck all the time can’t figure out how to park it in between lines. It’s not rocket science. Or perhaps it’s just pure ignorance. The other two were both Honda Civics. If someone can’t get a civic in a parking spot, you probably shouldn’t be driving.

By the time I found a parking spot a huge group of hungry teenagers had walked in right in front of me. Those mere moments of trying to find the parking spot had put 10 kids in front of me, all who must have ordered about 15 different things each to send the workers in to a frenzy. It was no longer fast food, it became an experience that took forever.

Granted this was far from the worst thing to happen to me, but it’s just a perfect example of the lack of respect people have for even the smallest of things.

It’s more than just parking, it’s someone not waiting an extra four seconds to hold the door while your walking with your child. Instead they just walk right into the store and the door comes flying right back at you. Is it a law to open a door, no, but it’s common courtesy a lot of people seem to have lost over the years.

Half the time it’s because someone is distracted by a phone, or sometimes they just don’t care.

As bad a people seem to be about parking, they seem a lot worse driving and trying to get change lanes has become an ordeal, even when driving in Sweetwater County. I just don’t get how hard it is to slow down and let someone in.

All of these things can be combined with a trip to Walmart. The parking lot alone is a mess and going inside bears witness to some of the worst mannered people in the world. Nobody cares if people shop in pajamas, but when larger people are wearing very little clothing it’s just not right. That’s to much skin for the general public and can be frightening. It’s almost like a trip through the doors of Walmart takes away all common sense and courtesy from people. A few months ago I told the story about how I walked around the corner in a Washington state Walmart and found someone dropping a deuce on the floor. It shouldn’t have surprised me.

When I was around 19, I was with a few friends in Walmart and was looking at some DVDs when a older lady came whizzing by me and always ran into me on a bike. I was a bit immature at the time and shouldn’t have said anything, but said “watch where you’re going grandma.”

It was rude to say, but not any ruder than almost having my knees taken out by Betty White on a BMX. What happened next was classic Walmart. I turned my attention back to the movies and within seconds I felt a tap on my back. I turned around and the woman’s daughter was standing there and punched me in the neck. I think she was going for my face, but she was kind of short and her reach didn’t quite make it.

Did it hurt, sure. But my pride was hurt even more. I got teased by my friends for a solid year.

I looked at the lady and said that wasn’t necessary, and she went on a rant for about 15 minutes. Where can you get punched for almost getting taken out by a bike? Of course it’s Walmart, the one place where on a Saturday afternoon can seem like its the end of the world and everyone is there at once fighting for the last cans of creamed corn.

A lot of people don’t even say thank you when a waitress brings them their food or don’t tip anywhere near 15 percent, even with the best of service.

I just don’t get the way people act, but it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

I really hope a younger generation of kids is better at this, but its not looking hopeful.


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