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By Jack H. Smith
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Technology doesn't trump old-school paper


We live in a world, where technology has pretty much taken over everything.

You cannot go anywhere without someone pulling out their phone to check Facebook or try to find a knockoff recipe from Olive Garden, while they are eating at Olive Garden.

Even at sacred places like church, phones are everywhere. I guess now poor Dad who wanted to miss church so he could watch his beloved Green Bay Packers can actually watch his Packers from a pew. While he can’t have a nice cold beer, he can have a little communion wine during half time and all is well with the world.

No longer do pizza places want you to give them a call to order your pizza, they much rather have you download the app to your smartphone and proceed from there.

In a lot of aspects, it’s just the way it is, but it doesn’t have to be in all circumstances.

I have a phone, I use it all the time, but I also love to be a little bit old school and cherish some things from the past that I whole-heartedly believe should never go away.

First and foremost on my list is the community newspaper.

I firmly believe newspapers like the Green River Star are a huge part of the backbone of the community.

In each issue, the community is brought to life, wether it be a performance at an elementary school, a high school football game, or the city council arguing over a controversial topic, it’s a hodgepodge of that community and you cannot get it anywhere else.

Taking ten to 15 minutes to read through the paper is always a rewarding experience. You get to see people you know, learn about people you don’t, and get a feel for the pulse of the city and outlying areas.

Without having to click on a link, you can see ads, possibly a coupon from a familiar place, or maybe some information about a new business looking to make it in the world.

Without being able to see the football game, you can hear in detail who won, why they won and a little information from the players and coaches.

You can also take it to the bathroom for some great reading material as you do the daily business.

Because the world is becoming so reliant on technology, of course newspapers are aware they must adjust or fall to the wayside. I look at a lot of stuff online, and I’m very well versed of how important it is.

It’s important to have a good website and have a good Facebook or Twitter presence.

But there is one thing you can never achieve online.

You can never have the feel of the paper in your hands.

I actually think it’s a great feeling to flip from page to page, that’s not the same if your just looking at a phone.

It’s kind of the same thing with an ebook. They serve the same purpose, but there is nothing that compares with having the book in your hands.

I encourage our readers to check out our new website, It’s awesome, but also remember how great it is to pick up the paper, flip through the paper and to read about the people that make Green River a great place.


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