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  • Carnivores and scavengers could help reduce CWD

    Christine Peterson,|Jan 4, 2024

    Wyoming Game and Fish biologists and technicians have spent the last year and a half feeding four captive bobcats ground meat infected with chronic wasting disease. The study isn't to see if bobcats can contract the disease - it hasn't been shown to cross the species barrier to carnivores like big cats - the goal is to see what comes out the other end. The results so far have been promising. Only 2% of the chronic wasting disease prions that go into a bobcat's mouth can be detected in the... Full story

  • Mysterious mailers attack Wyoming lawmakers, prompt investigation

    Maggie Mullen,|Dec 14, 2023

    As summer turned to fall in Wyoming this year, red and gold political leaflets began to appear in mailboxes. At first glance, the oversized glossy postcards didn't look much different than any other campaign material. They featured an official lawmaker headshot, his name, contact info and the word "conservative" several times over. The header "Legislative Update" was emblazoned on the front. Albeit early for a campaign season that won't officially kick off until May - when the candidate filing p... Full story

  • Montana to start trucking grizzlies into Yellowstone region to improve delisting prospects

    Mike Koshmrl,|Dec 14, 2023

    Fresh grizzly bear bloodlines are expected to arrive in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem this summer, adding genetic diversity to a population of animals that's been isolated for a century. The infusion of genetics will come from the North Continental Divide Ecosystem, and it will roll down the highway in the form of a slumbering grizzly or two. Why truck in grizzly bears to a population last estimated at nearly 1,000 animals? Montana and Wyoming - which have hashed out an agreement - are... Full story

  • Wolverines win Endangered Species Act protection

    Billy Arnold, Jackson Hole Daily Via Wyoming News Exchange|Dec 7, 2023

    JACKSON — Wolverines officially have federal protection after federal wildlife biologists determined the species is “less secure” than previously believed in the face of climate change and habitat loss. On Tuesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the elusive, rare alpine-dwelling mesocarnivore — an animal whose diet is only slightly above 50% meat — would be listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. The decision comes after a lengthy legal battle between envir...

  • WYDOT offers $2,000 hiring bonus to fill vacant positions

    Hannah Shields, Wyoming Tribune Eagle Via Wyoming News Exchange|Dec 7, 2023

    CHEYENNE — As several agencies within Wyoming state government continue to struggle to provide services due to a shortage of full-time employees, the Wyoming Department of Transportation this week announced a $2,000 hiring bonus program. The “strategic” move is to help the department find enough staff to meet its mission in providing state services, according to a WYDOT news release, and is available to all permanent positions. “We recognize the importance of attracting skilled and dedicated individuals to join our team,” said Taylor Rossetti,...

  • Major Wyoming abortion decisions loom

    Madelyn Beck,|Dec 7, 2023

    The last month of the year will be one to watch for those who are both for and against abortion access in Wyoming. The week of Dec. 11 will feature two significant court hearings and the closing of a Jackson clinic — leaving only one physical facility to provide elective abortions in the state. “It’s going to be a tense week,” said Right to Life Wyoming president Marti Halverson, referring to the hearings. “There’s a lot hanging in the balance, obviously,” echoed Sharon Breitweiser, executive director of Pro-Choice Wyoming. “Right now, t... Full story

  • Wyoming officials blame Biden for coal mine layoffs

    Dustin Bleizeffer,|Dec 7, 2023

    Wyoming leaders blame Biden administration coal policies as well as bureaucratic delays they claim are deliberate for layoffs at the Black Butte coal mine in southwest Wyoming. Nineteen miners were notified this week that they'd lose their jobs, and more layoffs could be in the works, according to reports. WyoFile was unable to confirm the information with Black Butte Coal. Gov. Mark Gordon's press secretary Michael Pearlman told WyoFile, "We don't have any concrete information, although we had... Full story

  • December will bring dueling abortion hearings

    Kate Ready, Jackson Hole Daily Via Wyoming News Exchange|Nov 22, 2023

    JACKSON — With a Dec. 14 hearing fast approaching, both sides in a closely watched legal fight over abortion access in Wyoming agree on one thing: pressing ahead. “This case needs to get decided and we need to move it forward,” said Special Assistant Attorney General Jay Jerde, who is defending two laws passed by the state Legislature. One is a general ban on abortions with some exceptions and the other outlaws medication abortions. Ninth Judicial District Court Judge Melissa Owens asked the parties Thursday if an upcoming Dec. 14 summa...

  • In search for missing Cody woman, authorities find blood in ex's vehicle

    CJ Baker, Powell Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Nov 22, 2023

    POWELL — Authorities investigating the disappearance of a Cody woman found dried blood and an apparent bullet hole in the vehicle she was last seen traveling in, court records say. The SUV is owned by Katie Ferguson’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Aviles Jr., who was arrested last week amid the investigation. Aviles is facing a federal charge that alleges he illegally possessed ammunition, but the 26-year-old has not been charged in connection with Ferguson’s disappearance. Ferguson was last seen in early October, as she began heading back to Wyomi...

  • Couple unearths 60-million-year-old tree east of Buffalo

    Alex Hargrave, Buffalo Bulletin Via Wyoming News Exchange|Nov 22, 2023

    BUFFALO - Jeanne Peterson and her husband, Robert Suchor, weren't necessarily surprised to find an ancient tree beneath the surface of their property east of Buffalo. Destined to become an RV campground, the couple's land sits just south of the Bureau of Land Management's Dry Creek Petrified Tree Environmental Education Area, where petrified trees provide evidence of a much different landscape 60 million years ago than exists today. "There's more to the desert than meets the eye," Peterson...

  • Gray sued by Laramie lawyer to keep Trump, Lummis off future ballots

    Samir Knox, Wyoming Tribune Eagle Via Wyoming News Exchange|Nov 22, 2023

    CHEYENNE — A Laramie lawyer has sued Secretary of State Chuck Gray, attempting to bar former President Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., from appearing on future ballots in the state. The complaint, filed earlier this month, is one of many attempts in U.S. courts to disqualify the former president from ballot access. Similar lawsuits exist in Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota and New Jersey, the Missouri Independent reported. In a news release sent out Tuesday, Gray spoke out against the lawsuit. He said it was weaponizing the U.S....

  • Nuclear reactor back in focus at Kemmerer meeting

    Virginia Giorgis, Bridger Valley Pioneer Via Wyoming News Exchange|Nov 16, 2023

    LYMAN — A meeting was held Tuesday in Kemmerer during which the proposed TerraPower nuclear plant was discussed and residents questioned the timeline and safety of the proposed plant. The meeting, held by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, played to a full house as concerned residents were on hand to hear how the plant would be operated and the safety provisions would be implemented at the TerraPower nuclear plant near Kemmerer. TerraPower has not yet submitted an application for construction, so many of the questions Kemmerer residents had a...

  • Lawmakers split over advanced legislation banning delta-8

    Hannah Shields, Wyoming Tribune Eagle Via Wyoming News Exchange|Nov 16, 2023

    CHEYENNE — State lawmakers advanced a bill draft on Monday that aims to ban all hemp-products containing any psychoactive properties, including delta-8, without providing a distinction between “synthetic” and “naturally occurring” properties. Members of the Legislature’s Joint Judiciary Committee were divided in their opinions of the bill. Some members said the draft was a necessary step toward protecting youth, while others hesitated over the bill’s broad language. Committee co-Chairman Rep. Art Washut, R- Casper, said the bill was “not read...

  • Legislators want $50M to sue feds over environmental laws

    Angus M. Thuermer Jr.,|Nov 16, 2023

    Wyoming lawmakers want to earmark $50 million to sue the federal government over implementation of national environmental and natural resource laws. Lawmakers added the proposed $50 million appropriation to a draft bill — Federal land use plans-legal actions authorized — that the Joint Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources Committee endorsed Oct. 30. The bill authorizes the Legislature “to prosecute actions involving the proper administration and interpretation of federal acts.” Lawmakers proposed the measure in part because... Full story

  • Path of the Pronghorn at 'high risk' of being lost

    Mike Koshmrl,|Nov 16, 2023

    The pathway of a highly migratory western Wyoming pronghorn herd that's been known by researchers for a quarter-century is at "high risk" of being lost. That's according to a draft "threat evaluation" released Thursday by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in conjunction with an announcement that the state agency will consider identifying or designating migration corridors used by the Sublette Pronghorn Herd. "In summary, the known current and potential threats pose a high risk to the... Full story

  • Need to net

    Hannah Romero, Editor|Nov 2, 2023

    When it comes to the issue of declining rates of kokanee salmon in the Flaming Gorge, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is having conversations with the public about the problem and considering more drastic solutions, such as netting small lake trout on a large scale. The WGFD's Green River Region hosted a public house meeting at the Green River campus of Western Wyoming Community College on October 18 to discuss the Flaming Gorge fishery. Green River Fisheries Biologist John Walrath gave a...

  • Fort Phil Kearny: Gruesome history lends intrigue to alleged paranormal encounters

    Shelby Kruse, The Sheridan Press Via Wyoming News Exchange|Oct 26, 2023

    SHERIDAN - Fort Phil Kearny was established by the U.S. Army on July 15, 1866 with the original purpose of protecting freighters and travelers along the Bozeman Trail from Native American tribes. Standing for only two years, the fort would become the site of a deadly battle that spelled death for 81 men. Today, the fort's bloodied history is the catalyst for ghost stories aplenty. Of two major battles at the fort, the one with the highest number of fatalities was the Fetterman Fight, also known...

  • Suspect in high-speed crashes found incompetent

    CJ Baker, Powell Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Oct 26, 2023

    POWELL — That Cameron Boni remains in jail and not in a mental health facility is a source of frustration for Park County Circuit Court Judge Joey Darrah, who’s presiding over Boni’s pending criminal charges. “This is a troubling case for me,” Darrah said Oct. 12, as he ordered Boni to remain held on $100,000 bond, “because Mr. Boni is a product of a system, in my mind, that is broken.” Court records say Boni raced into Powell at 143 mph in May, hitting four different vehicles before his Jetta slid to a stop on Coulter Avenue. No one was serio...

  • Western Wyoming's big buck country sees slowest hunt in 30 years

    Mike Koshmrl,|Oct 26, 2023

    ALPINE - Gary Fralick's calm demeanor shifted to a hustle for the hour that a steady stream of severed heads made its way through his check station on the last Saturday of deer hunting season. The Thayne-based Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologist and his colleague, Kelsie Hayes, checked one ungulate deadhead after another. The red-shirted duo was posted up where Greys River Road exits the Wyoming and Salt River mountain ranges. Fralick knows the spot well: This fall marked his 30th... Full story

  • State of Wyoming seeks updated historic landmark designation for Capitol

    Hannah Shields, Wyoming Tribune Eagle Via Wyoming News Exchange|Oct 26, 2023

    CHEYENNE — When Gov. John Allen Campbell signed an act granting women’s suffrage in 1869, Wyoming became the first state in the country to give women the right to vote. Women’s suffrage was further solidified 20 years later during the Wyoming Constitutional Convention in 1889, when this right was enshrined as part of the state’s constitution, again making Wyoming the first state to do so. The room where the convention was held, known as the Historic Supreme Court Room, resides within the Wyoming State Capitol and is open to the public. The sta...

  • Tata Chemicals signs agreement with BWXT, hopes for future small-scale nuclear reactors in Wyo.

    Jon Conrad, Tata Chemicals|Oct 5, 2023

    Tata Chemicals North America Inc. is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Tata Chemicals Soda Ash Partners LLC (TCSAP) has signed a cooperation agreement with BWXT Advanced Technologies LLC (BWXT) for a project supported by the Wyoming Energy Authority to assess the viability of deploying small-scale nuclear reactors in the state to provide heat and electricity to industry and to supplement existing power generation resources. Under the terms of the agreement, TCSAP and BWXT will work together to identify TCSAP’s energy needs in Wyoming, p... Full story

  • Problem grizzly? Tribes find success diverting hikers in the Winds

    Mike Koshmrl,|Sep 28, 2023

    Art Lawson wanted to show actor Martin Sensmeier what the Wind River Indian Reservation was all about when he came through town this summer. So Lawson, the Shoshone and Arapahoe Fish and Game's director, took Sensmeier fishing in the backcountry. The actor - star of the upcoming film, "Wind River: The Next Chapter" - got a good glimpse of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho's 2.2-million-acre reservation's wild landscape. "A bear just popped up right in front of camp," Lawson recalled of t... Full story

  • A new study from UW and Grand Teton shows complex relationship between foxes and people

    Christine Peterson,|Sep 28, 2023

    A red fox jumped into someone's golf cart in Grand Teton National Park a few summers ago, presumably looking for a snack. It wasn't the fox's first foray into begging humans for food, and it wouldn't be his last. After hopping on occupied picnic tables and stealing fish from ice fishermen, park rangers ultimately trapped and killed the creature. It's one thing for foxes to linger near campsites and pose for the occasional photo, it's another for a fox to hop up next to a person. Red foxes aren't... Full story

  • Fishing closures announced for Flaming Gorge Reservoir and Green River Region

    WGFD press release|Sep 21, 2023

    The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our diverse aquatic ecosystems. To that end, annual fishing closures are in place to protect spawning kokanee salmon and other species in Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Green River below Fontenelle Dam. Shoreline spawning kokanee are crucial for maintaining and recovering the kokanee population in Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Research indicates that they constitute a significant portion of the kokanee population,... Full story

  • Delta-8 - AKA 'diet weed' - could be criminalized in Wyoming

    Madelyn Beck,|Sep 21, 2023

    Wyoming has long had an adversarial relationship with smokable or edible intoxicants, and that may continue with delta-8 - colloquially known as "weed light" and "diet weed." Members of the Legislature's Judiciary Committee will consider a draft bill Tuesday in Casper that would effectively ban that substance and any other with "similar chemical structure and pharmacological activity." The discussion comes at a time when stores selling the substance are proliferating in Wyoming, national leaders... Full story

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