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 By Mike Koshmrl    News    April 6, 2023

Grizzly mama of the Tetons sets out to break a record

She's 27 years old, reputed for being a stellar mother and knows her way around a crowd.  If you live in Jackson Hole she might be your nosy neighbor. Regardless, her olfactory senses are...

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    March 16, 2023

Bruce Moats' retirement blows another hole through the fraying fabric of Wyoming journalism

Bruce Moats has been accused of never having met a document that shouldn't be public or a meeting that shouldn't be open.  "Largely I plead guilty to that, though not totally," the grayed, wiry... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    February 2, 2023

Resolution calls for gathering, slaughter of wild horses for meat

Rep. John Winter (R-Thermopolis) rode horseback into the Red Desert to see some new country last year.  An outfitter and rancher, Winter was accompanied by a rangeland specialist and members of the...

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    February 2, 2023

Understaffed, overworked wardens leery of predator night hunting

CHEYENNE—An “unprecedented” shortage of Wyoming game wardens is adding to angst about a legislative proposal that would attract coyote hunters onto public land at night, adding to the thinned corps’ around-the-clock duties. “Our folks are...

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    January 12, 2023

Goldfishing the Tetons

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK— It wasn’t AJ Duda’s first brush with angling for goldfish and other former aquarium dwellers within view of the Teton Range. The Pine Island, Florida teen, visiting...

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    January 12, 2023

Game and Fish leaders pressed on migration designation delays

Pointing to a three-year delay in implementing Wyoming’s big game migration protection policy, some members of the Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce encouraged wildlife managers to act during the group’s final meeting. “We’re missing...

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    December 8, 2022

Study reveals Yellowstone elk reliance on unprotected private land

Millions of visitors flock to Yellowstone National Park each summer to gawk at geysers, waterfalls and charismatic megafauna like elk.   Bugling bulls and their harems of cows are a major part of...

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    June 23, 2022

Wildlife task force takes shaky aim at hunting license abuses

Elk hunt area 124 south of Interstate 80 in the Red Desert, has been held up as a poster child for what’s wrong with the way Wyoming distributes special hunting licenses to landowners. The hunting zone reaching from Rock Springs to Baggs is 70%...


Following Cheney censure, Wyo. Republicans evaluate allegiances

ROCK SPRINGS - To Lenore Perry's eye, the Holiday Inn ballroom Saturday night was packed with red dresses, scarlet shirts and a lot of Harriet Hageman supporters. Perry, an attorney, has the same... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    June 3, 2021

Influencers get a hand on federal lands filming

JACKSON — New legislation spearheaded by U.S. Sen. John Barrasso proposes to do away with permit fees for small film crews and social media influencers shooting video on most federal land. The bill introduced by Wyoming’s senior senator, called...

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    November 25, 2020

Bear's diet takes concerning turn

JACKSON - Bear biologist Mike Boyce was staked out on a road in south of Wilson for much of Tuesday keeping tabs on five grizzly bears that were napping, playing and feeding on a deer carcass. "They...

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    August 12, 2020

Foresters try to keep up with demand

JACKSON - It was mid-morning when Lesley Williams Gomez's Bridger-Teton National Forest pickup truck inched up onto the sagebrush to make room along the seldom-traveled, graveled northern stretch of...


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