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  • Notes from Town Square: Resolutions worth keeping

    Misty Springer, Public Affairs and Grants Administrator|Jan 20, 2016

    Every year 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and not even half of us mange to stick to them for longer than six months, according to the Journal of Clinical psychology. Apparently, according to their data, people in their twenties are 25 percent more likely to keep their resolutions than people over 50. Now this seems counter intuitive (think wisdom and patience that supposedly come with age), not to mention depressing. Unless you factor in everyone’s favorite resolution – losing weight, in which case it makes perfect sense...

  • Notes from Town Square: Celebrate mining heritage

    Misty Springer, Public Affairs and Grants Administrator|Oct 28, 2015

    In the spring of 2015, Ken Ball, former Green River Councilman approached the office of Mayor Pete Rust with the idea of creating a proclamation to recognize National Mine Rescue Day in Green River. Ball, a local miner and Executive Board Member of the Holmes Mines Rescue Association, hoped that the city would call attention not only to the miners in Green River and all over Wyoming that are the bedrock of our economy, but also to those brave souls that risk their own lives to help their fellow miners. This Friday, the city of Green River is...

  • Notes from town square: The dying trees in GR

    Misty Springer, Green River Public Affairs and Grants Administrator|Aug 26, 2015

    The city’s Parks and Rec. Department does a great deal of work behind the scenes which makes this community a beautiful place to live. Most of what they do never gets noticed, but that’s okay because the people working in Parks and Rec. are not looking for praise. In the cruel paradox that is public service however, just as one’s victories are rarely remarked upon, errors are rarely overlooked. And so, the city would like to explain the sad story of what happened to many of the dear trees that line our lovely streets. Every year when sprin...

  • Notes from Town Square: Getting the word out

    Misty Springer, Green River Public Affairs and Grants Administrator|Jul 15, 2015

    If you are reading this article then you clearly have a love for the traditional printed word, a love that was probably kindled many moons ago. Those of us working in government, that most old and lofty of institutions, also have a healthy respect for tradition, and yet we musts also change with the times. In this day and age there are multiple platforms on offer when it comes to communication and here at the city we are striving to create a communication mix that fits all segments of the community. The city has had a Facebook presence since be...

  • Notes from Town Square: A history of Father's Day

    Misty Springer, Green River Public Affairs and Grants Administrator|Jun 17, 2015

    This year, Father’s Day happens to fall on the official advent of summer, an entirely satisfying coincidence since today, most celebrations for dear ol’ dad usually involve golf clubs, BBQ grills or fishing poles. Father’s Day is celebrated in about 70 other countries around the globe, many of them on the third Sunday in June, but it all started right here in America around the turn of the last century, not long after Mother’s Day was recognized as a commercial holiday in 1908. By 1909, 45 states observed Mother’s Day. Then in 1914, as World...

  • Notes from Town Square: Some fun in summertime

    Misty Springer, Green River Public Affairs and Grants Administrator|May 27, 2015

    Another school year has come to an end and if you are like most parents, you greet the summer season with a mixture of delighted enthusiasm and downright dread as you ponder how to keep the kids busy for the next three months. Long, warm days give us the opportunity to spend more time outside with family and friends. Life slows down a little in the summertime and we are lucky to live in a beautiful rural area that makes finding fun as easy as stepping out the front door. You and the kids can enjoy the perfect lazy summer day just fishing and...