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  • It's time to fix our national parks, but not by putting it on America's credit card

    Mike Enzi, U.S. Senator|Jun 17, 2020

    Our national parks are an important source of pride for our country. But they are in the midst of a rising crisis that has been building over many years. Simply put, they are falling apart. They are in desperate need of repair and maintenance. Fixing them will require billions of dollars. While Congress is preparing to act soon on legislation, it is vital that it include dedicated funding in perpetuity. This will help the next generation to fix future problems without having to put the cost on the nation’s credit card. To address the current m...

  • A year of hard work pays off in Washington, D.C.

    Mike Enzi, U.S. Senator|Dec 24, 2019

    The story of our country is often told by the decades that define it. With the end of this decade so close at hand, it can often be tempting to imagine what the last ten years will be remembered for. Or for that matter, the last year alone. For me, 2019 will be remembered by the people I had the pleasure to meet, businesses I had the opportunity to visit and the projects I have had the privilege to work on. Between spending time in our nation’s capital and back home in Wyoming, I’ve been able to meet with hundreds of workers and families fro...

  • Green New Deal is bad for Wyoming

    Mike Enzi, U.S. Senator|Mar 27, 2019

    The Green New Deal, plain and simple, is a pipe dream for forcing a massive expansion of socialist policies on the American people. Some might say this is an overdramatic statement, but this 14-page bill lays it out in black and white, written in plain English. There isn’t much ambiguity when you describe your legislation as “...a new national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II and the New Deal era…” What does it mean in practical terms? It means eliminating abundant, affordable, and reliabl...

  • How the Senate tax reform bill could change your life

    Mike Enzi, U.S. Senator|Dec 13, 2017

    If you were to wish for a tax reform bill, would you want lower taxes across the board and more money in people’s pockets? Would you want reforms that simplify taxes? Reforms that help grow the economy and create more jobs? Help small businesses in our communities thrive? Encourage companies to create jobs in America instead of going overseas? And for companies that do business around the world, get them to invest their money back in the United States? The Senate’s tax reform proposal does all this and more. That is not what you might be hea...

  • Supreme Court needs a judge who understands the West

    Mike Enzi, U.S. Senator|Mar 22, 2017

    Last month President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to be America’s next Supreme Court Justice. He is an admirable choice, not only because of his unquestionable legal experience, but because of his knowledge and understanding of the West. Western issues are not always the same as issues from other parts of the country. It is important that we have someone on the Supreme Court who has a shared perspective. Someone who understands the unique struggles that our history, geography, environment, industries and way of life present. With his W...

  • Expect good changes, not miracles with new Congress

    Mike Enzi, U.S. Senator|Dec 31, 2014

    The results of the midterm elections were a clear declaration that Americans feel they have been ignored. As Congress prepares for the upcoming session starting in January 2015, we need to bring to light the pressing issues that the current majority has buried for so long in hopes of protecting its own political prospects. We can see that didn’t work out for them or for our nation. We need open consideration of bills in the proper committees and on the Senate floor with senators from both parties allowed to offer improvements and get votes o...