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  • Hey doc, who's on first?

    Jill Kruse, The Prairie Doc|Feb 10, 2021

    Many people are familiar with the classic Abbott and Costello comedy skit “Who’s on First?” For those who are not familiar, the routine is a hilarious interaction between the two comedians as they discuss players on a baseball team while using confusing references such as “who’s on first” and “what’s on second.” The audience can see that Abbott believes he is clearly communicating the player names to Costello, but it digresses into a laughable experience of misunderstanding and frustration for both parties. The men become increasingly angr...

  • The Prairie Doc: The first goodbye

    Jill Kruse, The Prairie Doc|Oct 7, 2020

    When you ask a physician why they became a doctor there is often a pattern that emerges. It is usually one of three things: they have family members who were doctors, they went through a significant health issue of their own, or they had a family member or close friend who went through a serious health issue. In my case, it was the latter. Sadly, there have been many such experiences with people I love but let me share with you the first I can remember. I was five years old. She was my neighbor, the only person who could over-rule my mother on...

  • The Prairie Doc: Passing the torch

    Jill Kruse, The Prairie Doc|Sep 9, 2020

    When I was younger my parents would let me stay up late to watch “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. I will never forget when it was announced that he would be leaving the show and Jay Leno would be the new host. I was shocked and upset. How could anyone possibly sit behind that desk and host the show as well as Johnny? My family begrudgingly started watching Jay Leno as he took the stage. The show was not the same, but over time we came to accept the new host and what he brought to the show that was different and new. Change is dif...

  • History has its eyes on us

    Jill Kruse, The Prairie Doc|Mar 25, 2020

    History has its eyes on you. That is a quote from the popular musical Hamilton, but as we are dealing with a global pandemic it also applies to all of us. The year 2020 is going to be remembered someday in history books. How it will be remembered is in part, up to us. Will this year go down in history as a time of great selfishness – with people hoarding masses of toilet paper and masks? Will this year go down as a time when we all came together to help our neighbors through this scary and uncertain time? There are heartwarming stories of peopl...

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