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  • Email, PayPal scams reported in Wyoming

    From the CyberWyoming Alliance|Nov 11, 2020

    Pulling on Spiritual Heart Strings Email Scam: An email from claiming that God lead her to contact you to help distribute funds to charity as a dying wish was reported by a Laramie citizen. These types of emails are often money laundering scams. Never respond to unsolicited offers from people you don’t know, even if they quote the Bible and claim to want to support ‘orphanages and justice for the poor.’ Two PayPal Email Scams: Two PayPal Email scams were reported by a Laramie Citizen. The subject lines on each were...

  • The hacker's Brief: Fake Blue Cross emails reported

    From the CyberWyoming Alliance|Aug 19, 2020

    (Publisher’s note: This column covers a variety of digital scams reported throughout Wyoming and is being printed to help residents identify potential scams before they occur.) Anthem Blue Cross Fake Email: An email claiming to be from Anthem Blue Cross encourages you to open an encrypted message about an invoice. The email is from or and the subject line is EFT Enrollment Form – Approved. Similar messages have been used to steal people’s personal information. It was followed up by a second email...

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