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  • Endangered Species Act is flawed; there is now a road map to fix it

    Sen. Cynthia Lummis and Sen. Shelley Moore Capito|Jan 18, 2024

    Fifty years ago, the Endangered Species Act was signed into law by President Richard Nixon with the intention of establishing a clear process for recovering species on the verge of extinction. In the years that have passed since its enactment, this well-intended law has taken on a life of its own and has dramatically shifted from its original purpose to the point where it does far more harm than good. Since its passage, the ESA has become a weapon wielded by the Left to appease environmental activists that has punished landowners and...

  • Don't forget your passport

    Senator Cynthia Lummis|Sep 21, 2023

    As the month of September begins, people in Wyoming are focused on their kids going back to school and the start of football season. What many might not realize is that September is also Passport Awareness Month, a time to check your documentation, especially if traveling overseas during the holiday season. One of the top requests my staff receives from constituents is help getting or renewing a passport. This process has become aggressively long and drawn out and has caused more than one hiccup in peoples’ travel plans. Currently, the U.S. D...

  • Sen. Lummis, colleagues demand answers from CPSC on gas stove ban

    The Office of Senator Cynthia Lummis|Feb 2, 2023

    U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) led a letter along with nine of her colleagues to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) demanding answers on Commissioner Richard Trumka's desire to ban gas ranges and stoves. Sen. Lummis sent this letter after several people in Wyoming reached out to her office with concerns about the potential ban and the impacts it would have on people throughout the state. "People in Wyoming should have the choice over what kind of appliances they have in... Full story

  • Standing up for the Jim Bridger Power Plant

    Cynthia Lummis, U.S. Senator, R-Wyo.|Feb 3, 2022

    Wyoming powers America. As the nation’s biggest net energy supplier, we fuel America’s cars and we power the West’s homes. When America achieved energy independence, the Cowboy State was a key driver. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is trying to undermine our success, and Wyoming’s workers and families will suffer for it. This is what is going on: During the Trump administration, non-partisan Environmental Protection Agency employees approved the State of Wyoming’s regional haze State Implementation Plan for energy company PacifiCor...

  • The West is burning and politics are fanning the flames

    Cynthia Lummis, U.S. Senator|Sep 16, 2021

    As smoke from summer Western wildfires spreads all the way to Maine, the entire country finally realizes what the West has long known: America’s forest-management policies are not working. This record-breaking fire season has seen more than 5 million acres burn in 81 large fires across 10 states. California’s Dixie Fire has torched more than 700 homes and now totals nearly 1 million acres. It is approaching the size of Rhode Island. Oregon’s Bootleg Fire is now so large it’s generating its own weather, including lightning. In my home state o...

  • Lummis: Call it a crisis

    Cynthia Lummis, U.S. Senator|Apr 15, 2021

    Night after night, Wyoming citizens are turning on the news to see a national security and humanitarian crisis unfolding at our southern border. This influx in illegal immigration, which is the largest surge we’ve seen in two decades, is a threat to the safety of American families, border patrol agents and law enforcement as well as immigrants pursuing a lawful path to citizenship. Here in Wyoming, we know good fences make good neighbors. On a national level, a secure border keeps us safe. In San Diego for example, a short 12-mile section of b...

  • Lummis: Making sure government works for you

    Cynthia Lummis, U.S. Senator|Mar 18, 2021

    Wyoming is the most beautiful, wonderful place in the country. I’m honored to be from here, and even more honored to be a voice for the greatest state in the United States Senate. I’m also humbled to be the first woman to serve as U.S. Senator for the Equality State. However, this position isn’t about me. It’s about you. I tell my staff that I want us to be “All Wyoming, all the time.” While I have the privilege of serving as your Senator I am committed to making sure that we do everything we can to make your voices heard in Washington....