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  • Notes from Town Square: play together and stay together

    Catherine Duncombe, Green River Parks and Rec.|Jun 8, 2016

    What are your priorities? Most people would say their family is at the very top of their priority list. If that’s true for you, how about trying a new quality activity to bring your family closer? Studies show that a family that plays together stays together. Becoming active as a family and making physical activities a part of your everyday life can form positive lifelong habits for you and your children. If parents encourage outside play before dinner time or suggest a bike ride after dinner, it becomes the active norm in the family. This c...

  • Notes from Town Square: Biography of an ice block

    Catherine Duncombe, City of Green River|Feb 10, 2016

    Ice. How many forms of ice are there? Well, let’s name a few. The most obvious this winter for southwest Wyoming would be snow and black ice. Then, we have the ice in our rivers, lakes, streams, glaciers and of course massive ice bergs. Also, we have frost on our windshield and icicles on our houses. Next, we have more favorable kinds of ice including ice cubes, crushed ice and most people’s favorite ice cream. We don’t want to forget the useful kinds of ice including dry ice,if this really counts, and block ice for our hunting, camping and f...

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