Letter to the Editor: An open invitation to Vice President Kamala Harris

Dear Editor,

I recently wrote and sent a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris inviting her to Wyoming to witness a recitation of the Gettysburg Address. I don’t know whether she will receive the letter. But as Wyoming is the Equality State and she is our first female and Black vice president, I believe it is an important issue and wanted to invite her.

Democracy is all about communication. And the Gettysburg Address is relevant to our country today.

Lincoln knew we needed to overcome slavery to move on in our country. Have we moved on? He had a perspective of strength and determination which is unheard of anymore.

The following is my letter to Vice President Harris: 

By respectful request 

An open letter of cordial, definitive invitation 

Dear Ms. Vice President Harris, 

Over 55 years ago I was quite privileged to recite Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address with children present at the base of his revered monument there in Washington. 

Since then, on several rather conspicuous occasions and in various places as well, I have continued to share from memory his legacy in this respect. 

Presently, I would like to take this time of opportunity to personally invite you to Wyoming, the Equality State (1890), to witness Lincoln’s determined overall intrinsic understanding of the necessity to overcome the deeply manifested challenge and untold anguish of slavery once and finally in our country.

Unity and equality have always been lasting benchmarks throughout ensuing American history. 

As a note on an ongoing tribute, battlefield nurses of adversity are also to be acknowledged and proactively revealed with passionate purpose. 

Perspective, without enduring precious compromises, imperatively speaking: 

Thank you for your dignified representation and most respectful consideration.

Timothy Laboria

A citizen

Green River


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