GRFD celebrates promotional pinning ceremony

Recently Green River Fire Department held a pinning ceremony for promotions of new officers.

Lieutenant Casey Kendall was promoted to Captain after beginning his fire career in 2007. He was a young man full of energy and laughter - so much laughter that it was contagious. Kendall became a lieutenant in 2018 where he proved he was ready to lead GRFD crews and take on the added responsibilities. When it came to safety, he pulled no punches. Kendall definitely earned the respect of his firefighters as well as his officer corps. 

Spencer Berry was promoted as Lieutenant. He is a young man to whom we have had the pleasure to watch grow from a firefighter through the ranks since 2015, obtaining each level through time and commitment. While the officer corp speaks very highly of him, we enjoy watching how much he cares about the department and his beautiful family. He has met with different members of the officer corp seeking advice and direction of different issues. It is now a pleasure to see him bestow his direction and values he was taught from both his family and his fire family to the new recruits and firefighters that are seeking to be in his position in the future. 

Albert Reyes has been a firefighter since 2015. He was promoted to Lieutenant and has climbed through the ranks to accomplish his goals he has set for himself and this fire department. His strive for the top is without a question and is what makes him a natural selection to join our officer corp. After receiving his status as lieutenant here, this individual in the past few months has helped us as a whole achieve better training and helped firefighters in their pursuit to be the best they can be.

Congratulations Captain Casey Kendall, Lieutenant Spencer Berry, and Lieutenant Albert Reyes on your promotions at the Green River Fire Department.


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