Happy 50th wedding anniversary, Mark and Debbie Peterson

Mark and Debbie Peterson are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

The couple was married September 29, 1973.

Mark was born in Green River. Debbie was born in Evanston but moved to Green River at 19 with her family. She met Mark at a gathering, and they were married just two months after meeting. Their first child followed in one year, with their second child coming three years after.

Mark is now retired from his work as an underground foreman at OCI and Debbie is retired from her work as a waitress.

Mark and Debbie enjoy going out to dinner, camping, playing golf, gambling, taking road trips, watching movies, going to car shows, doing puzzles, and, of course, spending time with their friends and family.

The couple has two children, Josh and Dusty; three grandchildren, Bailey, Sidney, and Juliet; and three great grandchildren, Harper, Cooper, and Callan.


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